How bright is a 500 Diode Torch? Very.

Ever wondered how a torch made of 500 diodes will look like? Well these pictures are your answer. Here you have pictures where the normal torch is compared with the one with 500 diodes and the difference is staggering. It is almost like a spotlight. When used indoors, the light is blinding and you can compare this to the normal one used indoors and see the difference for yourself.

This is a great way to find things in the dark and you will not even notice the difference between the day and night. It is hard to believe that tiny diodes when put together can give out this kind of light. I guess it is like tiny drops many a mighty ocean. This is something anybody can try building. Don’t forget to wear sun glasses though you don’t want to hurt your eyes.

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  1. Amazing make!
    You should look into filming this with someone who understands camera exposure. It would help.

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