11 Best Budget Bathroom Remodeling Ideas to Renovate Your Out-Of-Date and Rusty Bathroom

Luxurious home remodeling culture often makes it seem like renovating your bathroom means draining five figures down the drain.

But it turns out that smarter and more economical alternatives can do the job quite well.

You may quickly transform your old and rusty bathroom into an entirely new one with innovative and budget bathroom remodeling ideas we are going to disclose down there. However, if you’re short on time or want a more professional touch, hiring a remodeling company can be a great option. They can help you with the design, selection of materials, and installation, ensuring that your bathroom looks brand new. If you’re based in San Jose or Santa Clara you can visit here to remodel your bathroom in San Jose, with the help of experienced professionals.

Before you assume that remodeling your bathroom means ripping away everything and starting from scratch, let’s tell you that DIY bathroom remodels ideas can make it relatively cost-effective for you to renovate your bathroom.

Some redo-it-yourself inspirations for bathroom remodeling are enough to get you an up-to-date and modern bathroom!

In this article, we have compiled exciting and budget bathroom remodeling ideas for catchy renovation. The best thing, you don’t need to empty your bank account for the remodeling.

Few inspirational ideas for budget bathroom remodeling, and you have a bright, clean, and fully functional bathroom that looks ALL NEW.

Before jumping to 11 alluring bathroom renovation ideas, we would like to address some commonly asked queries.

What Is The Cheapest Hack To Budget Bathroom Remodeling?


You guessed it – the cheapest way to remodel your bathroom is to PAINT EVERYTHING! From the walls to cabinets, tub, and tiles, paint it all!

And in the end, you’d be amazed to see a fully renovated bathroom that’s bright and clean.

You can paint the walls and add a sharpie shiplap and adorn them with rustic farmhouse shelves for extended storage. A silky white fun shower curtain can do the job too.

Moreover, other cheap ways include removing a ceramic towel bar and toilet paper holder for a while so re-drywall that area and place them back again.

These were some quick, cheap ideas. But of course, we will add more.

How Much Does A Bathroom Remodel Usually Cost?


Based on our research, we determined that the average total cost of a bathroom remodel is between $10,000 – $25,000, depending on whether you change the layout or the location of the plumbing. Typical budgets include at least 20% of labor costs.

It is possible to save several thousand dollars by doing the job yourself, especially when it comes to gutting the bathroom.

You can also save money on a bathroom renovation by limiting the use of expensive materials, such as tile and refinishing fixtures, rather than buying new ones.

What Things To Consider Before Going For A Bathroom Renovation?


Consider both your DIY skillset and your vision before remodeling your bathroom.

Color Scheme And Combination


Looking for a farmhouse look with a modern twist? What about a contemporary design that matches your home decor?

To ensure that your new bathroom tiles will not clash with your paint color, find inspiration photos for your vision before you begin.

Adding New Fixtures


What are your plans for replacing your shower or tub? What about your sink? If you need to replace one or both of these fixtures, your project will require more time and money.

Extra Storage


Post-remodel, where will you put your towels and toiletries? You’ll need shelves or cabinets to fill the void left by the closet when you remove it to expand the room.

Keep The Location Of Utilities In Mind

What are the locations of the electrical wiring and plumbing pipes? These hookups should be marked to avoid causing damage and costly repairs.

Now that your confusions are clear, let’s move to our lowest bathroom remodel ideas list.

11 Budget-Friendly Bathroom Remodeling Ideas You Will Love!


Bathroom remodeling doesn’t have to take a toll on your bank account. Let’s be smart and budget-friendly, right?

With the following budget bathroom remodeling ideas, not only will you have a stylish and bright bathroom, but you will also save up a lot for remodeling other spots in your house.

So, Let’s Begin Without Further Ado!

Refinish Your Bathtub Instead Of Replacing


We would suggest a bathtub remodel from a budget-friendly standpoint instead of totally replacing it. The concept of refinishing a shower or bathtub is a good example of “Repair and Retain as opposed to removing.”

If the issue is just cosmetic, such as a yellowed surface and some cracks and nicks, refinishing is a viable option.

While not as costly as they seem, tub and shower liners are never a permanent fix. During their lifetime, liners require professional installation. Instead, bathtub refinishing is often less expensive and more attractive.

Use Inexpensive Lookalike Materials

The best way to save money is to repurpose and refurbish your existing materials. Even so, if you need to change materials, inexpensive substitutes can often look amazing.

As an alternative to natural wood plank flooring, consider luxury vinyl. Contemporary vinyl looks far superior to older versions. Vinyl planks and luxury vinyl flooring can fool the eye even from a distance.

Authentic natural stone looks can now be found in high-definition laminate and quartz countertops.

Here is how you can repurpose the existing materials for a budget bathroom remodeling. So easy, isn’t it?

Install A Mega Mirror


You’d be surprised how a mirror glamorizes your surroundings! An optical illusion of a larger space is created by a mirror, similar to how crisp white paint creates an illusion of a bigger space. Mirrors offer much more than aesthetic benefits.

You can’t do things that require your reflection with tiny mirrors, such as applying makeup. Having an oversized mirror makes those tasks easier and adds a bit of glam.

Wall Painting

Wall Painting in bathroom

What a fresh coat of paint does is more than you ever think, especially in the bathroom. No matter which color you choose, paint refreshes the bathroom in an instant, whether you want to cover up years of dirt and grime or brighten it up.

If the walls of your bathroom were previously tan or dark, consider a neutral or cool white. By converting the dark space to light, the room will appear bigger, without a colossal bathroom remodel cost.

Use New Hardware To Refresh Cabinets

Installing and buying new bathroom cabinets is an expensive endeavor. Replacing the old hardware and adding fun new hardware to your cabinets is far more accessible and more affordable than changing the cabinets themselves.

Be sure to align the new hardware’s screw holes with the existing cabinet holes before buying it to make the process even easier. By doing so, new holes won’t be necessary.

Extend The Storage To add Functionality


It is impossible to store all the toilet paper, cleaning supplies, towels, and linens in a bathroom. Keep your bathroom clean and clutter-free with a tall storage cabinet having a small open shelf, two cabinet doors, and a small drawer.

Ensure the new cabinet has mildew-resistant material to make it ideal for the humid bathroom environment.

Swap Rusty Tiles With New, Affordable Ones:


Those looking for a budget-friendly solution for updating their bathroom floors and walls should consider vinyl or laminate tiles.

To conceal old, ugly flooring or plain painted walls, you can use peel-and-stick tiles. The affordable stickers will completely transform your bathroom.

Get A Pre-Fabricated Shower:


One of the most expensive options for a new shower is to hire a professional to build one from scratch. Pre-fabricated units usually cost a lot less than site-built tile showers and tubs. It is one of the highly considered shower remodel ideas.

The easiest and least costly way to have a tiled shower is to fuse a poly shower pan with the tile. In general, qualified tile setters are the best choice for tiling a shower pan.

Upgrade Your Bathroom’s Lighting


You may want to consider replacing outdated lighting in your old bathroom with something on-trend.

Consider a 3-Light Fixture that can blend nicely and give a stylish look to your bathroom. It’s your choice who you’d buy lovely and blend-able lights from. Check out Amazon or the shops near you.

Freshen Up Window Treatments:


Window treatments that are yellowed can turn an attractive bathroom into an unappealing mess. It is easy to brighten up a dull, lifeless bathroom by adding new curtains or shades.

For bathrooms with large windows, roman shades made of the sheer fabric provide privacy without sacrificing light – just choose mildew-resistant materials.

Add A New Sink Faucet:


Instead of replacing the entire top or vanity, you can just install a new sink faucet to make your bathroom attractive.

Not only it’s an excellent budget bathroom remodeling idea that advances the timetable, but a sink faucet is also pretty simple to install.

Wrapping It Up!

Are you done with remodeling your kitchen and other places of your home? It’s time you make your bathroom look like a thousand dollars without spending that vast amount.

Go through our list of budget bathroom remodeling ideas, and you might pick one or more of them. Most of these low-cost ideas are easily doable by anyone. But if you hesitate to do so, consult the services of a professional you trust.

Let us know if we missed something. Good luck.

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