Things to Consider Before Building a Steam Shower Room

To increase the value of your home, you must continuously strive to upgrade the different features around it. According to most realtors, one of the most important rooms and considerations potential buyers look into when purchasing a property is the state and design of the bathroom. It only shows that the bathroom needs special attention as it’s one of the busiest rooms on the property.

Most people start their days in their bathrooms. Therefore, it’s only necessary to make the space not only look good but functional as well. You can consider installing luxurious fittings and features to make the space as comfortable as possible. Among the things, you must look into are steam showers, as they can make the space more desirable. They are also known for their health benefits like reducing blood pressure, promoting skin health, clearing congestion, and improving circulation, among other things.

If you want to upgrade your bathroom with a steam room, carefully determine several factors. First, you must work with experienced steam showers UK experts who can provide assistance in planning, designing, and building an adequate facility within a reasonable budget. Look for a contractor you’re comfortable working with.

Here are some things you must factor in before building a steam shower room.

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Ceiling Height

The ceiling height is among the first things you must look into before building a steam shower. Contractors estimate that it would be best to have a ceiling height of 2.4 metres maximum because most steam generators are rated to work well under such conditions. However, if your ceiling height exceeds 2.4 metres, you need a more powerful generator to fill the additional area.

Wall and Floor Materials

Before installing the feature, consider the wall and floor materials present. For example, the floor and walls made of marble, tile, or other non-porous materials are better than those made from porous materials. Also, you must let some air inside the enclosure as it can help generate better steam. Remember, a good steam room must be water-tight but not air-tight.
You must also ensure that the flooring is not too slippery. For example, you can install anti-skid strips or ensure the floor has a rough texture to prevent slippage and untoward accidents.

Upgrade Lighting Fixtures

When installing a steam bath, consider upgrading the light fixtures inside the enclosure. Use vapor-sealed light fixtures that protect against moisture and are rated for steam showers. These fixtures are typically protected by a component known as a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) that automatically shuts off the light when it detects moisture.

Installation space

Remember that you cannot install a steam generator inside the enclosure. Find a spot that at least has a 12-inch clearing around it. Be sure you can have someone service the generator as necessary. You have to work with the contractor to locate the generator properly.


You must carefully consider the above factors and upgrades when installing a steam shower room to ensure the space is properly functional and safe.

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