Building Museum Of Comic And Cartoon

The structure of multi-storey buildings of the future Museum Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art is a group of “bubble-footnotes” in which written comments to the pictures making up comics. Each of the different-“bubble” will be given to its cultural and entertainment program. Draft New York architect Eric Christan  was highly appreciated by the jury of the international competition for the best deal Museum of comics and cartoons that in the near future to complement one of Manhattan streets. Sponsor of the contest for most creative suggestion was the center of the company suckerPUNCH. The new museum is designed to show visitors the most iconic characters from the world of comics and animation, as well as provide information about its history. In addition, the museum building must necessarily attract attention to its conceptual and expressive architecture, to facilitate the development of this integral part of a multifaceted art.

Dynamic game of internal space offers visitors a museum, at least, have fun and look at the world of comics and animation from the inside. Tiers of buildings interconnected spiral ramp, located at the center of the structure. And in order that space has become an absolute “comics”, tiers are connected also by means of “links” from one volume to another. The unique structure has all chances to become the new landmark of one of the subject areas of Manhattan and exciting holiday destination for young families with children and all other lovers of fun, witty cartoon history and contemporary culture.

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