California Real Estate Pre-License Exam Packages: What You Should Know

In California, you must pass a test to sell real estate. You can become a real estate broker as well, and you might enjoy some benefits when you do, but that’s a separate test. You must first pass the preliminary examination to sell real estate legally in any capacity, whether that’s plots of land, commercial properties, or residential homes.

You can learn the fundamentals through a comprehensive pre-licensing program. By doing so, you’ll make passing the test more likely.

You must pass that test, and if these courses give you an edge, you should jump on that. Otherwise, you might fail, and then you must return to the drawing board.

Let’s discuss these pre-licensing exam packages in detail right now.

The Basics

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To begin with, you can sign up for one of these pre-exam packages online. You can do so in your own home. You needn’t go anywhere. If you have a desktop or laptop and Wi-Fi, that’s all you need. You might use a tablet as well.

You pay a flat rate for the course. You can find some different ones, so make sure you’re going through a reputable entity. You can look at some online feedback for this particular course if you’re not sure. You should see plenty of five-star reviews.

Usually, you will get a Real Estate Principals study packet. You will read through it, and it might have some practice exam questions at the end of each section. If you read the section and you can answer the questions correctly afterward, you’ll know you’re picking up the most crucial information that they’ll ask about on the real exam.

You will also get a Real Estate Practice section in this pre-exam package. This part will talk about some fundamental aspects of California real estate that you should know. You can read this section and answer the practice questions as well.

Finally, the package should come with an elective course section. You can take various electives and pass the California real estate license test. You might take something like Legal Aspects. Many individuals who get their licenses take that one.

What Comes Next?

Once you have read through each of these sections, you can take a more thorough and comprehensive practice test. You can gauge whether you need more study time when you see the results.

Most of the companies that offer these courses will then give you a real estate exam crash course that will reveal whether you’re ready. That exam crash course will probably get constant refinements. The exam crash course you take should reflect the most recent, updated questions you’ll see when you actually take the exam.

What Else Should These Courses Offer?

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You will find various websites that offer these courses, but the best ones feature not just what we’ve mentioned already but also help from instructors who have their real estate licenses and have taken the test. They will know all about it. You can ask them questions you have, and they will give you thoughtful, measured responses.

You can usually read and study most of the sections on your own, but the company should offer some live interaction time with instructors as well. That’s when you can get encouragement from those who have come before you.

They will tell you what exam questions might trip you up. Some of your other classmates might ask questions that didn’t occur to you. You can enjoy a fun classroom experience that will encourage you and ultimately make you feel more prepared.

You should pay a reasonable price for this course. You can compare some prices and see which one has the best feedback that you can also afford.

You should probably go with a company that offers all of the courses as one comprehensive package. You can save money that way versus buying them separately.

Pass Your Exam on the First Try

If you want to pass your California real estate license test on the first try, this is how you can do it. Since you must pay a fee every time you take the test, you want to pass it as soon as you can.

Also, if you don’t pass it on the first few tries, you can’t legally sell real estate yet. If you have a job with a real estate company lined up, you must have that license before you can get to work. The right online course helps you get it.

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