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Upgrading Your Bathroom on a Budget

Our bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in our home. In fact, most households find that the bathroom is the busiest room in the house, apart from the kitchen. This is especially true during the weekday mornings when every family member needs to use the toilet and hop in the shower to get ready for work or school. And, it’s not just the family that use the bathroom – it also needs to be comfortable for and appealing to any guests that visit your home or stay over. If your bathroom is starting to look and feel slightly old and dated, it could be time for some updates. We’ve put together some top tips for upgrading your bathroom on a budget.

1) Use A Mirror For Added Space And Light:


Image Source: Pexels

Adding a large mirror to your bathroom can make a huge amount of difference to the space. Mirrors are a great addition to any room since they can increase the perception of space and make the whole room look much bigger than it actually is. If you have a small bathroom, a mirror is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to upgrade the space by adding extra light and the illusion of more room.

2) Replace Leaky Tiles:

Replace Leaky Tiles

Image Source: Unsplash

Sometimes, the need to update a bathroom goes much further than simple aesthetics. For example, tiles are one of the most common items in your bathroom which will need replacing more often than the others. Whilst most modern tiles are designed to be sturdy and durable, tiling that has been there for some time may begin to leak and let the water through. You could end up with water damaged walls or floors if this issue is left unattended, so it’s best to replace old tiles sooner rather than later.

3) Renew The Tile Grout:


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Even if your tiles themselves are in good condition, deterioration of your tile grout can bring the whole room down with it. Grout that has gone yellow, brown, or black in between your tiles can quickly make an otherwise nice space look dirty and scruffy. This is particularly true in the shower space, where a pink or orange film can quickly form on top of the grout. Cleaning regularly can help you to keep on top of it, but eventually, you’ll need to renew the grout completely. If you want a quicker, easier job, you can get a grout pen from most good DIY shops.

4) Upgrade Your Shower Head:

Upgrade Your Shower Head

Image Source: Flickr

Lastly, simply upgrading your showerhead can make a huge difference to both the looks and functionality of your bathroom. Instead of replacing the whole shower, upgrading to a shower head with more settings, or a ‘rain’ shower head, can make your whole shower experience so much better without having to spend a great deal of money. Visit for more information on the best shower head options.

If these tips helped you upgrade your bathroom on a budget, we’d love to hear from you!

A common mistake most homeowners make is putting the bathroom lighting extremely low on the list of priorities. Bathrooms require practical and functional lighting solutions. Nowadays, people spend a lot of time grooming themselves. That necessitates proper bathroom light fixtures to create a relaxing spa-like atmosphere.

Bathroom Light Fixtures

When grooming, you need the right amount of well-positioned lighting. If it’s too little, then you’ll barely see what you’re doing. On the flip side, too much lighting will bring about glare issues. As such, it makes sense to upgrade your bathroom lighting fixtures to strike a balance. Here are 5 the tips;

1.  Electrical Wiring Tips

These are the basic electrical wiring tips before updating bathroom light fixtures either DIY or by hiring a professional;

Buy Extra Hardware – although lighting fixtures come with mounting brackets, it wouldn’t be surprising if they fail to work with your junction box. Be sure to purchase a few other styles of mounting brackets instead of incurring more and wasting your time making a trip back to the store.

Take Safe Shortcuts – minor electrical and remodeling bathroom projects do not require complicating. Be careful enough to reduce the interference with the existing features if you don’t intend to remodel the entire thing. Find out safe ways of streamlining the process if they’re there to make your work easier.

Use Some Lighting – if working in low lit bathrooms, get some camping headlamps to your head for visibility. And where the bathroom light and the outlets in the room are attached to different circuits, you can plug a few lamps before shutting the power to the fixture.

2.  Considerations for Selecting a Lighting Fixture

lighting fixtureImage Source: Pexels

A wrong bathroom bulb will get you looking jaundiced upon applying makeup. If you position a fixture wrongly, you’ll shave in the shadows. Here’s what to consider when choosing a light fixture.

Bulb Design – Three parameters characterize the bulb design, i.e., the bulb shape, lighting controls and base type. Considering the shape and size, you can choose from the various bulbs including spiral bulbs, post bulb, A-line bulbs, indoor reflector bulb, and the triple tube bulb. Bathroom light fixtures work best with spiral bulbs and globe bulbs. The three standard bathroom light fixtures bulbs types are plug-in base, screw-in base, and GU24. The plug-in base features a small plastic base with 2 or 4 pins for use with separate ballasts mounted in the lighting fixture. Screw-in Base is similar to the Standard Edison-style base on incandescent bulbs. The GU24 has adopted the newest Energy Start requirements and break away from the backward compatibility common with the screw base bulbs promising higher energy efficiency.

Lighting Control – When choosing a light fixture, make sure that it can accommodate the type of bulbs you want to use. That’s because most light fixture components do not agree when focusing on the lighting output. The amount of lighting will depend on the purpose, which further influences the choice of the fixture. So it’s crucial to consider the lumen of the bulbs when buying light fixture to suit the mood and function of the space. Compared to the dim bulbs, bright lamps have a higher lumen.

Color – If you want to set the right mood in your bathroom, you have to consider the color temperature of the bulbs. A combination of bulbs and the right light fixtures will produce the ambiance you want. Make sure that you match the color of the interior to that of the lighting. Different bulbs and different light fixtures produce warm yellow light while others produce blue light. Bear in mind that some light fixtures have recessed setting may make the bulbs to malfunction.

Bathroom Size – Your bathroom size will determine the amount of light you require. Avoid a light fixture that gives off to much light or that requires numerous sources of light in small bathrooms. Be sure to make use of the vanity fixture for the right amount of lighting. LED vanity tube lighting will produce sufficient lighting for a small bathroom.

3.  Place Fixtures Wisely

Recessed lights in Master BathroomImage Source: Pexels

When it comes to picking fixtures for your bathroom, consider installing recessed lights overhead for that clean look and functionality. For an even more flattering reflection, consider pairing an overhead fixture with scones placed alongside or above the mirror. That guarantees there’s some light between your face and the mirror. “

4.  Maximize Natural Light

natural light through the windowsImage Source: Maxpixel

If you want to replicate a natural view when in the bathroom applying that make up or shaving, be sure to allow in sufficient natural light through the windows. You can achieve adequate natural light in the bathroom in a new home or when renovating by facing the bathroom in the direction where light exposure will be indirect to ensure a soft and diffused light.

5.  Choose the Right Bulbs

bathroom bulbsImage Source: Wikimedia

For the bathroom, be sure to choose the warmest light possible. The 2000K LEDs replicate the natural daylight. Additionally, make sure that you go for the bright bulbs (150 watts or thereabouts), and put the overhead light fixtures on a dimmer. That way, you can observe closely when you need to and achieve that calming and romantic effect when dimming the light.

Just like in other rooms in your home, the bathrooms need functional lighting. As they get bigger, more elaborate and the time spent there increases, the more it makes sense to ensure proper lighting. For homeowners looking to update bathroom light fixtures, the above tips should provide a good foundation.

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Kitchen Curtain Ideas

Kitchens are the most used rooms of our happy homes. Whether you are a food lover, an energetic 7-years old kid, a cook mum, or the helping father, kitchen is the place you have to visit most of the time. Despite having a great home décor, we usually neglect our lovely kitchens and use discarded floral curtains or old room curtains for them. Just like the other well painted and beautifully decorated rooms of our houses, we all want our kitchens to look nice and clean, but the time and energy it requires worry us and stop us from sensible spending. Let us help you find the perfect modern kitchen curtain ideas for your kitchens. Before we discuss them, consider the size and shape of your window along with your kitchen theme, and select the curtains accordingly. You may also want to consider getting motorized curtains from The Blinds Source for your kitchen and the rest of the home. They are safe for your children and pets and hassle-free!

Bathroom Renovations

Is your bathroom in need of an upgrade? Before you tackle the project, you need to know that you’ve thought of all of the details it will need. From the flooring to the finishing touches, a well-executed bathroom renovation starts with the right plan. Here are some considerations for your bathroom renovation that you won’t want to overlook.


First, make sure you choose the right type of flooring for your bathroom. This is an important consideration when renovating a bathroom because of all the moisture your floor will be exposed to. Because of the high moisture exposure, most bathrooms will not have carpeting. More popular options include:

  • Porcelain or ceramic tile
  • Vinyl
  • Natural stone
  • Wood
  • Laminate

With wood and laminate options, proper sealing is essential to ensure that the flooring will stay protected with many years of exposure to water and humidity. With the right treatments, however, these are viable options for the flooring.


When you’re considering flooring, consider both the look and the function of the floor. Some flooring options are quite slippery when wet and this can create a falling hazard for those who use the bathroom. Others are prone to warping with water and moisture exposure. Both are worth avoiding. Choose something safe and practical for the realities of a bathroom.


Lighting is another important consideration when renovating a bathroom. When considering the lighting for your bathroom, start around the vanity. Make sure that there is ample lighting around the mirror to ensure you can see yourself well when you prepare for your day. Vanity lighting should illuminate the head and face well for grooming, and overhead recessed lighting is the worst option for this. A better option to create even light across the face is a set of sconces on either side of the mirror. If this is not possible, add lighting directly above the vanity on the wall, not the ceiling.

Bathroom-RenovationAfter lighting the vanity, consider other places lighting is needed, such as in the shower or over the tub. If the bathroom is large, a central ceiling light can also be a helpful addition. Finally, add accent lighting where it will make your bathroom more functional and comfortable.


Storage is an essential part of your bathroom. Make sure you have cabinets, drawers and shelving that will house your linens and personal care items. Your renovation is a great time to optimize your storage.

bathroom-storageOne of the problems many bathrooms face when it comes to storage is the fact that these rooms are small, so there’s minimal space for storage. To make the most out of your space, use all the vertical space possible. Shelving over the toilet, a vanity mirror that doubles as a medicine cabinet, and an under-the-sink drawer stand or cabinet instead of a pedestal sink are all excellent ways to build storage into your bathroom renovation.


Your bathroom isn’t functional without some plumbing. The most common types of pipes used in bathroom renovations are PVC pipes. You may also find bathrooms with copper pipes, and flexible PEX piping is growing in popularity. If you live in an area where pipe corrosion is a problem, like a coastal area with salt water in the air, stainless steel pipes may be the best choice.

plumbingNext, consider the types of valves you will need to keep your bathroom functional. The most common types of valves found in modern bathrooms include:

  • Compression valves
  • Ball valves
  • Cartridges
  • Ceramic disc valves
  • Toilet flush valve
  • Toilet fill valves

Once you have your equipment in place, decide where it will be located. Do you want to hide it, or can visible pipe be part of the bathroom design? This may dictate which types of pipes would be best, because metal pipe is more attractive than PVC for visible pipe designs. Where do you need to position the plumbing to ensure the shower, bathtub, toilet and sink are where you need them? This will be one of the first tasks you tackle, so be certain that you think about it carefully.

Shower, Bath or Both?

Finally, decide whether you want a shower, bathtub or both. Since bathing is one of the primary functions of a bathroom, this is one of the more important considerations for bathroom renovations. The answer will largely depend on the size of the space. If you only have room for one of the two, but want the benefit of a shower and a bathtub, consider a combo unit that can double as both.As you can see, there are quite a number of considerations to make when tackling a bathroom renovation. By taking the time to think through the answers to these questions before you begin, you will be able to avoid problems and delays as you move forward.

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Bathroom Wall Cabinets

Organizing stuff is always an issue for people living in small apartments. When it comes to bathrooms, there are so many must-haves like bathrobes, razors, medicines, brushes, cotton, soap, towels, lotions etc. To organize all the stuff properly in a small restroom, bathroom wall cabinets are ideal. They not only help declutter your bathroom, but also give an aesthetic vibe to the whole place. You might not need any other storage in your bathroom other than these cabinets.

Kitchen Plan

What good is a kitchen if you can’t even move around in it? There’s no point in designing your own kitchen, if the end result winds up making you stress out in your own home over dinner. If you’re bending and stretching, crouching or reaching, or having a hard time finding a spice or a utensil you need, you can wind up making cooking a miserable experience for yourself. So how do you avoid this?

If you are a Toronto-area restaurant owner, you probably have to contend with many creatures including wasps, rats, spiders, millipedes, but the last thing you want is trouble with ants. The majority of ants found in Canada are not combative but according to Health Canada, some are still capable of stinging and no matter what, ants are a danger to the quality standards of your restaurant. Even though ants don’t pose a physical threat necessarily, they are more than happy to eat and contaminate your entire inventory of food ( Ant problems can quickly become overwhelming, which can lead to the wrath and ire of health inspectors. So before you are forced to suffer costly health penalties and loss of customer confidence, it is important to know what to look for so you are prepared in case of a pest emergency.

Kitchen Aid

When you think Kitchen Aid, you think quality, durability and clean lines. Engineering and design may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Kitchen Aids new collection is about to change that. Kitchen Aid is creating a fresh take on their brands iconic design. They are incorporating what you have come to love in Kitchen Aid with a new, modernized look. They have taken appliances to the next level – beginning with an industry first: black stainless steel.

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