Discover Ceramiche Refin’s New Collections at Cersaie 2023

During Cersaie 2023, the Bologna event that brings together the creativity of design with the efficiency of technical solutions, Ceramiche Refin, an Italian company active in the ceramic sector since 1962, presented its latest collections featured in its offering: CERA, NAMIB, COQUILLE, TAMASHI, HALO, and PRESTIGIO range extension.

The new collections were unveiled in a renovated exhibition space, created by Studio Salaris Milano, and designed specifically to highlight the product features. The stand is conceived as a kind of art gallery, organized in a sequence of unique and diverse exhibitions that communicate with each other through cohesive architecture.

Digging into the details, among the launched collections, we find PRESTIGIO range extension, a restyling of a previous version. It was created to expand the range of the company’s marble-effect ceramic slabs in line with the latest industry trends.

The product, traditional but revisited in a modern key, successfully combines the authenticity of natural marbles with an original contemporary style.

There are five new variants of white marbles: Statuario Apuano, Calacatta Oro, Nuvolato, Arabescato, and Opera. Each shade is available in various formats, including large slabs measuring 120×278 cm. The renewed collection is perfect for decorating residential interiors as well as commercial and public settings with elegance and harmony.

COQUILLE is a collection that results from an attentive aesthetic elaboration of the peculiarities of limestone. It synthesizes the charm of mineral elements by presenting them on balanced, discreet, and contemporary ceramic surfaces, making them ideal tiles for kitchen use.


Background nuance blend with graphic markings, fossil inclusions, and subtle veining, striking a perfect balance between denser regions and uniform traces, creating a delicate shading.

There are various available nuances in this case as well: Perle, Gris, Champagne, and Sable, highlighting the natural effect of the collection, ranging from neutral beige to grey tones.

A novelty is the Matt-Pro finish, soft to the touch but with a non-slip surface. The formats range from 30×60 cm to 120×120 cm and include two OUT2.0 variants for outdoor use with a 2 cm thickness.

HALO, a line of brick-effect wall tiles, stands out for the alternation of light and dark streaks combined with soft reliefs that give the collection a non-uniform tactile three-dimensional perception. Irregularities on the edges accentuate the earthy nature and the perception of a handcrafted product.

The strong chromatic variations available make the proposal even more dynamic and contemporary, offered by Ceramiche Refin in an unusual format: 6×24 cm.

Regarding the nuances, it starts with more sober options: white Cotton, black Ink, grey Chrome, and goes on to bolder shades: blue Ocean, green Basil, and red Cherry.

The collection, with a significant decorative impact, proves to be an optimal choice to highlight architectural volumes and furnishing elements.

Those who prefer more unique solutions will appreciate CERA. It is an unprecedented collection in the world of ceramic surfaces. Original and unique, it draws inspiration from the changes and transformations of wax, carefully observed and analysed by Refin’s tile designers.

They have managed to recreate the plasticity of the material, developing a graphic with great depth, where cracks, traces, and cavities seem to dance lightly across a background that alternates between light and dark areas.

One of the world’s oldest deserts, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was the inspiration for NAMIB collection. It fuses immensity and simplicity, transferring the suggestions of unspoilt nature into the world of design.

The material character of the surface, overall uniform, is mitigated by refined graphics. While the diversity of grain and colour, combined with the alternation of light and dark streaks, adds movement and depth.

Finally, classic but timeless in its charm is the TAMASHI collection, a wood-effect porcelain inspired by the most essential and contemporary natural woods. It is the result of careful research to achieve the perfect balance between graphics and colour.

It offers uniform surfaces with fine, dense, parallel veins and subtle colour nuances. Elegant, minimalist but with great expressive power, it is ideal for contemporary architectural environments.


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