Cheap Patio Paver Ideas: 14 Designs To Upscale Your Backyard

Summer season is approaching, and while sales for barbeque grills are raving, so are the sales of DIY materials like patio bricks and brick pavers.

Do you know why? Because to fully enjoy the summer nights, alongside enjoyable food, and pool parties a relaxing and exquisite pavered backyard is a must!

Remember watching videos that have cringy ideas for redesigning your home using concrete? These ideas are not only unrealistic (like using jeans for making concrete structures!) but are also prone to cracking, making them lose their aesthetic value.

Patio pavers are an excellent concrete alternative because they do not crack like concrete does upon drying. Concrete slabs can also break when topped with a heavy load which is why patio pavers are the way to go!

Here are some cheap patio paver ideas that are realistic and durable and hold a high aesthetic value.

Aesthetic, Durable, and Cheap Patio Paver Ideas

One of the best ways to get started with a DIY project is by listing down all the essentials you need. Remember, once you have a layout of your project on paper, it will be much easier to gather materials and start with the project. If you are looking to hire someone for your cheap patio paver ideas, a plan in hand can reduce the man-hours the person works.

There are many different ideas that enhance the look of the backyard. So, whether it is spacious or not, you will have plenty of ideas by the end of this article to get you started on your project DIY backyard!

1- Rounded Patio Paver Idea


Out of many brick patio patterns, a rounded one with a firepit is perfect for winter nights. Coupled with chairs around, it is ideal for enjoying steamy cups of hot chocolate at night.

There is a wide variety of home depot brick pavers that you can choose from, varying in shapes, sizes, and colors.

2- Terraced Patio Paver


One of the best flagstone patio ideas is having a terraced look. If you want to have an elated space for seating and stairs that go down to another area, a flagstone patio is perfect for enhancing the aesthetics of the setting. It is also cheaper per square foot than other pavers.

However, the installation costs are high. But if you are planning to do it yourself, you are in for a challenge and, upon completion, a sense of achievement. Although you can also look out for flagstone patio installers at a low price if you have the design idea ready.

3- Bluestone-Centered Round Patio Paver


Among the cheap patio paver ideas, this might be the most expensive. Combining pavers with other materials, especially a natural stone like bluestone, can hike the price. However, the look is quite aesthetic for a seating area on your patio. However, if you are doing a DIY patio, you might be able to do this if you’re restricted by a budget.

4- Pergola With Patio Paver

Pergola with Patio Paver

The warmth of the brown undertones of a pergola combined with the texture and colors of the patio blocks make it the perfect hangout spot for the summer. It is an ideal geometrical design that will jump off the page when you are planning it.

Among the huge design variety of patio blocks, Menards is the best for easy-to-install and aesthetic products.

5- Inexpensive Stepping Stone Walkway Ideas


If you are designing a patio paver in the corner of your backyard, a stepping stone walkway is a great way to enhance the overall look. You can use flagstone patio installed on top of the grass to give a rugged appearance

A circular seating area with a firepit in the center is a great way to make a small seating arrangement, creating a cosy corner in your patio.

6- Paver Patio Grid


Symmetry enhances the look of anything. Even though flagship has its distinct look, by installing square or rectangular pavers, the backyard gives a modern and minimalistic feel.

Adding small round stones between the grid combines the clean look of geometry while giving texture with stones.

White undertones of the patio pavers combined with pastel furniture are a recipe for creating a modern look.

7- Dining Slab Flagship Paver


If you are fond of throwing barbeque parties in the summer, installing a dining area or a grill area covered with a flagship paver can look exquisite.

You can fix a grill in your patio or simply design a space for eating out. Topped with marble and flagship stone in the erected wall can give a rustic look to your patio.

8- Flagstone Patio Paver With Pergola

Flagstone Patio Paver with Pergola

In my opinion, a pergola goes well with anything, be it bricks or a symmetrical paver grid. However, a flagstone patio paver flooring with a pergola on top is perfect for enjoying sunny afternoons.

Make sure you choose a patio paver color contrasting the wood color of the pergola. This is one of the cheap patio paver ideas that looks exquisite if you have an overlooking view. But it looks great for sunny backyards as well.

9- Paver Tiles Symmetry

Paver Tiles Symmetry

Tucson Saltillo Patio Paver is a good option if you are going for a symmetrical look. The paver tiles can be installed in a diamond shape to give a stylized look to the floor.

It is symmetrical and minimalistic. Also, you get a lot more color options than brick stone patio pavers.

10- Cheap Brick Stone Patio Ideas


A brick stone patio is perfect if you are looking for cheap patio paver ideas. This is because it gives a rustic look and is ideal for the outdoors, especially if you are on a budget.

You can use it for firepits, poolside, and bar areas. The uses are versatile, and the installation is easy, but it just needs designing ideas.

11- Curved Walls Seating Area

Curved Walls Seating Area

Out of stone patio ideas on a budget, making a combination of straight and curved walls using stone bricks is an excellent idea for outdoor seating. If you don’t want patio furniture, these stone walls can be lined with benches.

You can also couple this with wooden benches, which pop out in contrast with the stone color. Also, with the low material cost, you can easily adjust a patio designer within your budget.

12- Pool Side Paver Ideas

Pool Side Paver Ideas

If you have a pool in your backyard, the best way to enhance its look and feel is to line it with patio pavers. They are not only durable, but also give clean and neat flooring for poolside barbeques. It is much better than just grass beside the poolside.

You can border it with contrasting patio pavers to line your pool, making it pop amidst your grassy patio.

13- Circular Firepit Area


A firepit area from patio pavers is probably a great idea for the winter nights. You can cover the flooring with patio pavers and line the area with a bricked wall.

If you are going for cheap patio paver ideas, just a firepit surrounded by grass is good enough. Choosing the color according to your home aesthetics is a must to make the overall look sophisticated.

14- Minimalist Look


When they say less is more, it means that a minimalist look is perfect when going for a clean look. You can use cobblestone and gravel to design a walkway out of your patio or to different patio areas like the firepit, pool, or benches.

With a minimalist look, you can get the aesthetics without investing much in the patio pavers.

Summing It Up!

If you are on a budget, these cheap patio paver ideas are perfect for enhancing the aesthetics of your home. If you live in an area that enjoys more summer, you would want to go for ideas that give a clean look. However, for the colder regions, a firepit combined with other cheap patio paver ideas is a must.

All in all, you should either cut on material costs and hire someone to do the work for you or take it up as a DIY project to get the best value out of the money.

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