Should You Choose A Wooden, Leather Or Metal Bed?

Choosing a bed for your room is an important investment, not least because it can be one of the more expensive home purchases. Most people spend more of their time in the bedroom than in other rooms in the house and it needs to be an environment which is both comfortable and personal to you. Bed frames are generally made of one of three materials – wood, leather or metal – and there are unique advantages to all. Depending on what suits you, here are the main reasons for buying each type.

Wooden Frames

Wooden beds are an attractive choice and one which remains popular due to relatively lower costs and the range of options available. There are obviously those in the higher price range such as antique mahogany beds and carved ornamental frames. So although wood is not as resistant to damage as metal, at the top end it can be long-lasting and a satisfying investment which you could pass on to your family. Nevertheless, there are plenty of choices in pine or cherry for budget buyers and beds such as this can be easily treated or painted to go with changes in your interior decor. Wooden frames are generally favoured by those who like the natural, organic look they provide and they will go with most warm tones and rustic-style furnishings such as beams or vintage one-offs.

Metal Options

Metal beds were once solely a practical choice, bringing to mind factory-made hospital beds. Nowadays there are many attractive options which still offer a competitive price compared to some wooden models. Minimalist homes with bold crisp decoration are the perfect environment for the cool style of the metal bed and their often monochromatic colours. If you’re buying a metal bed and a single mattress for the cost advantages, you can choose one in a muted colour and use more feminine or decorative bed linen to make it look more welcoming. The other benefits to metal are the ease of transportation   most can be dismantled   and the durability. Out of all the options, metal is the material which is likely to prove the most long-lasting and these beds are recyclable too.

Luxury Leather

Leather can be one of most luxurious options, creating a statement in the bedroom and instantly lending a touch of quality to an interior. Because of this, real leather beds tend to be more expensive but recent years have seen high-quality faux-leather frames being produced at a lower cost. They can need a little more maintenance than other kinds but this may only mean you need to rub them with leather oil once a year. They can be subject to scratches and cannot be repainted or treated like metal and wooden beds, but they do have a certain appeal to those who want a stylish bedroom as they make a punchy first impression and can work with most colour schemes.

Finding the right bed is normally only a case of matching it with your existing tastes and interiors as well as a few practical considerations. If you’re thinking of redecorating, moving home or are likely to change your interiors fairly regularly, these are all factors to take into account before buying. Whether it’s price, longevity or appearance that matters, work out your main priority and you’ll end up with the best option.

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