5 Reasons Why Column Radiators are a Great Idea

Column Radiators

When you need to heat your home, finding the right type of radiator can be a challenge. Column radiators have gotten a fair amount of attention and with good reason. They offer a variety of benefits over other types of radiators and are well worth considering. If you’re thinking about an upgrade, these are just a few of the reasons why you’ll want to take a look.

1.  Horizontal and Vertical Design Options

Although column radiators seem like they’re only one type from their name, they’re actually available in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can find the style you want to match the decor of the room or the surroundings. Retailers like Warmrooms offer a variety of units that can be slim and easily fit into a space or larger as needed. No matter the size of the home, there’s likely a radiator that can be found to fit that space.

2.  Additional Features

When you want more options when it comes to heating, column radiators can often be found with thermostatic radiator valves. These have the ability to turn off and on to control the temperature of the room to a greater degree. Not only will this improve the energy efficiency. It’ll also help prevent any undesirable changes in heat.

3.  Designer Options

The heater doesn’t have to be the eyesore of the room. Although you can certainly find basic options, there are also designers ones available for more modern homes. Consider a modern look with chrome or stainless steel. Or think about a radiator that has a bold finish in a bright colour.

4.  Practical for High-Ceiling Rooms

Rooms that have high ceilings can be a challenge to heat. However, column radiators are the more efficient choice for these types of rooms. They have a greater heat output and also improved heat retention from standard panel radiators. Put them in the larger rooms to see the biggest improvement. Older homes that have high ceilings can be a challenge to heat, so consider this option for at least a few rooms in the house.

5.  Replace Old Radiators Easily

Any time an older piece needs to be replaced, it can be a challenge. However, the latest column radiators make it easy to switch out older models for the newer ones. Most of the new radiators still use the previous pipe work and require minimal fuss to upgrade. This means that you can avoid both the expense and the inconvenience of having to change the layout of the central heating system. Most old radiators can be upgraded to the new column models within a few hours. With the help of a trained professional, making the switch will be a painless process.

Although changing a heating system is never easy to do, column radiators offer significant advantages to homeowners today. These five advantages are just a few of the multiple reasons why it’s better to convert to newer column radiators and replace the older models.

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