Community Gardens: Reason to Celebrate this Harvest Season

You might have noticed green spaces and community gardens popping up in your community. It’s not a local phenomenon. Community gardens are becoming increasingly popular as fresh produce becomes more expensive to buy and local programs sponsor community gardening as a part of a greener and healthier lifestyle. One of the most active in the push for community gardening is Scotts Miracle-Gro. With hundreds of community plots so far and hundreds more planned, Scotts encourages smart usage of natural resources and environmental education.

community gardensThis time of year, Scotts Community Gardens Celebrate Harvest Season by donating thousands of pounds of fresh produce to local food pantries. In fact, more than 50,000 pounds of produce is donated each year. As community gardens celebrate harvest season this year, Scotts plans for a larger harvest next year and even more for years after. As part of their GRO1000 initiative, Scotts plans to sponsor 1,000 additional community gardens and green spaces.

To find out more about community gardening in your area, contact your local department of agriculture. For a small plot fee – which covers water, fencing and ground maintenance – you can have your very own garden and harvest your own produce.

suhail ajmal
suhail ajmal
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