Is Composite Garden Fencing Suitable For Your Next Project?

Composite garden fencing is becoming popular and perhaps you are considering whether to install one for your own garden as well. This article will discuss some of the things to consider before installing a fence, hope it will be helpful to you.

Where The Composite Fence Panels Can Be Applied?

Composite fence panels can be widely used in yard, gate, garden, park, farm, summer house, villa, pool surrounds, beach road, scenic, or other outdoor space.

Is The Wood-Plastic Composite Fence Waterproof? Is it Easy To Rot?

The surface of WPC fence is not easy to store moisture or absorb moisture, and moisture is not easy to enter the fence panels to cause problems such as rot. It can be used even in humid climates.

Are There Any Areas Where Wood-Plastic Composite Fencing Is Not Suitable? Is it Weather Resistant?

Compared to wooden materials for outdoor decoration, wood-plastic composites are highly weather-resistant. This is due to its unique raw materials, wood fibers, and recyclable plastics. It is less affected by the environment, especially temperature differences, and it is also waterproof, fireproof, and corrosion-resistant.

What Are The Yard Requirements For Fence Installation?

There is no requirement for the yard, it is recommended to measure the length and range of the fence to be set before placing the order, and place the order as needed to avoid waste. But note that it is recommended to order a little more, if necessary, can be used to replace the original.

Is The Maintenance Procedure Of Wood-Plastic Composite Fences Complicated? Is It Costly?

Unifloor composite fences, aluminum fences and vinyl fences are easier to maintain a clean look over time than traditional wooden fences. A simple cleaning with a broom, soft brush, and warm water is all it takes to achieve a fresh look. No additional cleanup costs are required. Most of all, it’s a time saver.

Will The Wood-Plastic Composite Fence Fade Quickly? How Effective Is The Anti-Fading Effect?

No material can be completely protected from the effects of direct sunlight. The advice on fading is that light-colored fence panels are less affected by sunlight and the co-extruded fence panels are more effective in preventing fading. (Co-extruded fence panels are wood-plastic composite fence panels processed by co-extrusion technology.)

Is It Easy To Install Wood-Plastic Composite Fence Panels? Do I Need A Professional To Install It?

Installation is not difficult and can be done independently, and every manufacturer provides installation guides and online instructions from professionals.

Tips To Mention

Order Free Samples

Order free samples of different colors and different surfaces before placing an order. You can check the real quality, and also pick out the style that best suits your outdoor decorating style. In this way, you can have a long-lasting guarantee and a pleasant mood.

Pick Out A Reliable Manufacturer

So what are the aspects that can be referred to when we pick out a reliable manufacturer? Warranty time, certificate, annual production capacity, diverse product type, customized services, etc.

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