How Much Does Cost of a Roof Replacement?

The roof on your home might eventually need to be replaced if it gets too damaged or decayed. Living in a house with a damaged roof is not safe because leaks could cause water damage and mold, plus pests could get in through the damaged areas.

The roof is one of the most important parts of the home and is exposed daily to harsh natural conditions that could wear them down. Below you can read more about the cost of a roof replacement.

roof-replacement-roof replacement cost

Price Based on the Damage

To decide the price of a roof repair or replacement, it first needs to be examined. A roofing contractor can inspect your roof, find the damaged areas, and offer advice on replacing or fixing them. Prices can vary depending on your location, the contractor, and the type of roof you have or wish to install during replacement.

The average price for a whole roof replacement is around $11,000, but it can be affected by the size of the house, the slope of the roof, and other issues. This is why it is essential to contact a roofing contractor to assess the state of the roof. If structural damage is present, you may need to reinforce the structure of your home based on the type of roof that you want. Slate roofs, for example, are notoriously heavy.

The Difficulty of the Replacement

An impact on the price of a roof replacement will be the state of the roof. If the roof is in poor shape and needs to be replaced, then more manpower is required. Thus the prices will increase because of the cost of labor and materials.

A job can be more demanding if the roof is covered in tiles, shingles, or wood shakes. That is because some materials are susceptible to damage when people walk on them, which means special equipment and training is required for the workers.

A steeply angled roof can make the repair or replacement work harder. Special equipment and harnesses will be needed to ensure the safety of the workers. This will slow the pace of the work and increase the cost of labor.

The Quality of Materials

If you want a quality roof replacement, you will need to spend more to get quality materials. The replacement of shingles can also be expensive, depending on the material the shingles are made of. There are asphalt, aluminum, metal, steel, wood, rubber, and many more types of shingles. All of them have different prices, with asphalt being the cheapest and clay and slate being among the more expensive options.

Another extra cost is the underlayment. A good one will cost extra. Underlayment should not be skipped, even though it will increase the roof replacement price. This layer protects the home from leaks in case a shingle breaks. A roll of underlayment costs around $80 for 1,000 square feet. It can get even more expensive if you want extra protection against ice or to make heat exchange smoother.

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