Create a Tropical Oasis on Your Patio – Explained

Here are a Few Interesting Facts for you to Mull Over:

  • Spending at least 120 minutes each week in nature boosts our health and wellbeing.
  • Touching real foliage elicits an unconscious calming effect on us.
  • Staring at the color green (which is the predominant color of plant leaves) for two seconds improves creativity.

What better way to introduce plants on your patio than creating a tropical oasis? Lush vegetation and long leafy plants are the primary characteristics of tropical plants.

In the next five minutes, learn 8 ways of how to create a tropical oasis on your patio:

  1. Why should you go for large and leafy greens?
  2. Why should you install a water feature?
  3. Why should you choose misters?
  4. Why should you add stone features?
  5. Why should you attract wildlife?
  6. Why should you add a hammock?
  7. Why should you include a pool?
  8. Why should you choose a gazebo?

How to Create a Tropical Oasis On Your Patio — 8 Ways

1. Add Large and Leafy Greens

Large, leafy bushes. Crawling vines. These are the images that come to mind when you think of tropical plants. Thus, the first step to creating a tropical garden oasis must be to plant large and leafy tropical plants.

Go for these cool tropical plants:leafy-green-plants

  • Orchids: Install potted orchids as tabletop accents. Furthermore, you can hang orchids in baskets as well. The plant offers a splash of color and an exotic look to a green backdrop.
  • Ferns: Choose ferns to fill in spaces or line pathways. The plant covers the ground with green; offering a fuller look. Furthermore, ferns are lowe-maintenance as well.
  • Palm trees: Palm tree plants offer relaxation and warmth. The trees are a superb Feng Shui choice for bringing tranquillity and peace.

2. Go for a Water Feature


Imagine this scenario. You’re lounging in a hammock under a canopy of green. You listen to the trickling sound of a gentle waterfall. Feels like heaven right? If you want the same, add a water feature to the DIY patio ideas on a budget.

If you don’t have much space on the patio, go for:

  • A small fountain
  • A birdbath
  • A makeshift fountain made by inserting an electric pump into a large ceramic planter

If your patio has space, choose:

  • A lagoon and a waterfall for a show stopping effect
  • A koi pond with a waterfall for cherishing the sight of colorful fish and the trickling sound of cascading water

3. Install Misters

One of your tropical garden landscaping ideas should include installing misters. Misters add a touch of freshness and luxury to your tropical oasis.

Furthermore, misters:

  • Keep the patio garden cool
  • Keep the tropical plants moist and watered; a must-have for the plants to remain lush and green
  • Remove debris, dust, and pest off of the plant leaves

4. Include Stone Features:


Stone features add a rustic style to the tropical oasis on your patio. You can choose between:

  • Cobbled steps and patio sections
  • Stone planters and pots
  • Laid stone pathways

Stone Features:

  • Create separation between the greenery; thereby increasing the aesthetic value of the garden.
  • Control erosion and facilitate drainage.
  • Absorb heat in the summer and act as insulators in the winter.

5. Attract WildlifeAttract-wildlife

Who doesn’t love the sight of butterflies with their dazzling wings sitting on the colorful flowers? If you want to bring the same effect to your tropical oasis, choose plants that the butterflies adore.

Here are five plants you can go for:

  • Yellow Bulbine
  • Mexican Salvia
  • Joe-Pye Weed
  • Yellow Cornflowers
  • Brightly-hued asters

Furthermore, you can plant masses of wildflowers across the tropical oasis to attract bees.

6. Add a Hammock


Imagine this scenario. You’re surrounded by lush green plants. The trickling sound of water reaches your ear. You lie on a hammock and gently sway in the breeze. Can you think of anything calmer and more peaceful?

Thus, add a hammock to your tropical oasis. Here are three ways you can include a hammock:

  • Tie the hammock between two tree trunks.
  • Have a gazebo? Include the hammock along the entrance.
  • Tie the hammock between the patio cover posts.

Furthermore, Hammocks:

  • Lower stress
  • Improve sleep quality

7. Add a Pool


Have a smaller patio? Go for above-ground pools.

Have a larger patio? Opt for in-ground pools.

Here are three benefits of including a pool in your tropical oasis:

  • Jump in the pool and swim. The exercise is easy on your joints and allows you to burn extra calories.
  • A good swim or even just staying in the pool relaxes muscles. The process promotes better sleep.
  • A pool is the perfect place for parties — be it birthdays or graduations or something else. Furthermore, you can add a hot tub or a grill to elevate the backdrop.

8. Include a Gazebo


Gazebos are highly functional and add an element of sophistication and class to any outdoor space.

You can use the gazebo in the ways mentioned below:

  • Use gazebo as a place to sit and lounge
  • Use the gazebo as a place that offers shade from the scorching sun yet allows you to witness the greenery around you
  • Gazebo as a place for events, lunches, and photo sessions

Furthermore, you can decorate the gazebo to enhance the overall aesthetic of your tropical oasis. Add string lights, climbing vines, sprays of flowers, misters, hammocks, and hanging plants. Beauty, practicality, and usability — all merged into one.

How To Create a Tropical Oasis on Your Patio — Go For Live Plants For Better Effect

Now that you know how to create a tropical landscape, here’s one last piece of advice. Artificial plants — although low-maintenance and of high quality — can never match live plants. Live plants offer health benefits and even attract bees and butterflies for an even better looking tropical oasis.

Thus, if you’re thinking about how to create a tropical oasis on your patio, always go for live plants.
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