How to Create Custom Photo Books

Tips to Create Custom Photo Books

Creation of custom photo books allows you and your family to have memories of special moments for many years to come. However, in the modern world occupied with digital photography and technology, it is crucial to choose a company that will help you create excellent photobooks that are high quality. Doing this will ensure that your memories will stand the test of time and are accessible whenever you need them. Here are the reasons why Mixbook is the best site for all your photobook creations.

Ease of Use

Creation of custom photo books with Mixbook is quick and easy. The site has the most advanced software that is easy to navigate regardless of whether you are a software expert or a newbie. The site also has smooth and easy to use web editors that are simple to use and allows the user to go through the process of book creation with ease. The editors offer guided tours to help you understand how the system works, guides you on essential tools to use, how to select themes and everything you need to apply throughout the process. However, even without any guidance, Mixbooks custom photo book creation process is straightforward, and you can get into it right away and have the best experience with your book creation.


Convenience is one of the key advantages you will experience with Mixbook. You are not limited to what you can do with your book. You can choose to create it from many templates available including prefab layouts or you can choose to drag your book in a blank page. Once your book is in the page, you can rotate, resize or reposition it just the way you find it impressive. While working on your album, the system gives you a range of options to choose from including shadows, effects, borders, colors and tools for editing photos into beautiful shapes like hearts, thus helping you create the best book to remember. All these things are at your display hence giving you the most convenient time and enables you to create an excellent book within minutes.

Excellent Customer Services

Mixbook offers quality customer services to all of its clients. During the custom photo books creation process, you will get all the assistance you need, and they will not waste your time. They have customer technical support where you can use a live chat for any inquiries or an email address to contact customer service representatives who get back to you promptly and on time.

Unlike many photo creation sites, the Mixbook live chat responds quickly. The representatives are very helpful, thus making your process smooth and convenient. A questions and answers section is also available where you post your question, and get answered timely and promptly. Additionally, once you have ordered your book from Mixbook, it will take the shortest time to get to you. It will only take three business days, which includes production and shipping for your book to be delivered. With Mixbook, you will experience the best services you ever dreamt of.

Overall, Mixbook offers the best opportunity for you to create quality and outstanding custom photo books that will give value for your money and quality that captures your memories for an extended period. With Mixbook, you have all that you need under one roof to create your photo albums within the shortest time.

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