Creative Fireplace For Modern Houses

As you know, rabbits – it’s not only a valuable fur, and volcanoes – not only destructive element. So, inquiring mind and luxuriant imagination of a creative person in a position to “suppress” this element and to transmit its energy to the peaceful course of creation. Young British design studio Flying Cavalries, inspired by the energy of the volcano, has designed a very original coffee table Terragen, which, if desired, may become no less than the original table, fireplace.

Well, how cool evening sipping tasty wine from his glass, looking at the dancing flames and see his reflection in the eyes of a man sitting in front, you can not even say – and all so very clear. Therefore, it is hardly necessary to argue about how useful will be the fireplace Terragen in the interior of modern apartment.

Gray, red, crimson and orange, carefully selected to design the fire, playing with renewed vigor, if “insert” fire. It would seem that it really burns and spewed lava, this table-fire from British designers. If the apartment, and without light and heat, fireplace still remain attractive bright spot in the interior, this “heart” of the monastery.

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