Customizable Windows are Everything to Home Designers

Customizable Windows

The first thing a renovator or builder will tell you, should you ask about the importance of a home’s windows, is that premium windows will always add to the resale value of your home. They can also save you between 15% and 30% of your energy bill, because recent developments in efficiency technology have far surpassed the performance of windows from ten or fifteen years ago. Nowadays, although many premium windows use vinyl and aluminum for the frames, since these tend to be more weather-resistant, there are still many styles available in wood. For traditionalists out there, nothing tops an energy-efficient window with modern, high-performance features made by that still looks as vintage, old-fashioned, and painstakingly constructed as the rest of an authentic Victorian home.

A Designer’s Dream

With so many designs to choose from, having custom windows installed may as well be a dream come true. Casement, bay, and even awning windows can now be constructed to fit rough openings that are unique in size and shape. When you spend months upon months designing and building a one-of-a-kind home that belongs in top-tier architecture and lifestyle magazines, windows and doors are the last things you should skimp on. They change the way an entire space is perceived, letting in light, adding details and flourishes to a room, and regulating temperatures for comfort and good ventilation.

customizable windows


The best part of getting customized wooden windows is not only knowing that they will be manufactured specifically according to the designs you have in mind, but also that they’re made locally, at an in-house mill like the one at Golden Windows. The mill is built to resize and reshape products perfectly for log cabins, heritage homes, and wooden cottages without sacrificing their specific style.


Luckily, if you’re looking for a more modern, weatherized option, you can find vinyl-clad or aluminum-clad options that are more well suited to extreme temperatures. They repel moisture and make rot impossible, while permitting you to enjoy a wooden interior. Not only do they come a variety of different colours and stains, but they pack premium benefits: they’re treated with the best of Low-E coatings and filled with argon gas to reduce heat transfer to a minimum.


When you find a retailer that serves professionals, like Golden Windows, you’ll also find that their methods, manufacturing processes, installation services and building partners match the quality of the product that they’re selling. How, after all, can you build a business around a product that people don’t believe in? The best part of going to a local retailer with roots in Canada and familiarity with extreme Canadian climates is that you are entering a community of collaboration. On top of ISO certification and detailed online professional resources, strong retailer will also strive to continue along the path of green energy, battling climate change and environmental destruction through a dedication to recycling and efficient production processes.

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