10 Stylish Décor Ideas for Your Family Room

A family room can get a little boring after some time has passed. Fortunately, some new furniture arrangements can spruce up the space in exciting ways. When you redesign the family room with GUS modern furniture or other stylish collections, it will transform the space dramatically.


Here are some ways to decorate your family room to make it fun and inviting, with a specific focus on furniture.

1. Rugs

If it’s an open-concept design, rugs and carpeting can help divide a room into different areas. Using a rug, you can also draw the eye into where socialization is about to occur. This is a great opportunity to express a little of your own personality by getting a rug that matches the family room aesthetic.

2. Pillows

Chances are you already have a couch or sectional and some seating. Adding creative pillows and throws is an excellent way to spruce it up a bit. Assuming you have kids, allow everyone to choose a throw or to DIY their own. There are so many possibilities to implementing different throws, pillowcases, and pillows.

3. Buying a large sectional

It used to be most common to have a large couch and a loveseat, or an oversized couch and some chairs. However, more families are switching over to more communal furniture, which is the sectional. A sectional, especially if you have pieces that can be moved, can be very advantageous. It gives the family a place to hang out and have fun, breaking down the divisions or space between when armrests and different furniture pieces are involved.

4. An extra chair or beanbag seat

If you have the space for it, consider adding an extra chair, a beanbag seat, or an ottoman. Ideally, these will be used for larger social gatherings. If you have children, a beanbag seat is seemingly quite fun. If you don’t decide to go with an extra chair, have some plan for seating for when you invite people over. Buying a few extra fold-up chairs and keeping them in your closet is not a bad idea, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money.

5. Small beverage bar

This isn’t necessarily a place to store your alcohol but simply a second area of seating and a location to carry some beverages. This is a family room, after all. You don’t want a ton of liquor hanging around. Even so, a small bar is a nice, upscale room furniture addition. If you do have some adult-only parties, of course, it more than comes in handy.

6. Artwork

At least one large hanging piece of art is pretty standard to family rooms. You can also try creating your own artwork. Though you don’t need to take this extra step, it again adds something unique to the room so that when someone walks in, their eye catches something that literally doesn’t exist anywhere else. That’s not such a bad vibe to establish.

7. Redesigning your home theatre system

Most family rooms are built around entertainment. Typically, this involves a screen minimum and some sort of audio setup, cinema seats, and related accessories. Though there are certainly expensive home theatre systems available, there are plenty of components that are less expensive.

Consider buying a new TV or going with a projector as a nice change. Alternatively, there are also TV wall mounts, indoor TV antennas, Android smart TV boxes, gaming consoles, Bluetooth soundbars, and so much more. What media do you like to consume most – consider it.

8. Board game shelf

Not every night is going to be built around watching a TV series or a movie. Sometimes, a no-screen night isn’t such a bad idea. Pulling out some Monopoly, Scrabble, or a similar game gets everyone involved. Consider adding a bookshelf or board game shelf to put some non-screen-related activities on. If you ever lose power or want to chat away from the TV screen, a shelf of more than just DVD sets works.

9. Lighting fixtures

If the room is large enough, consider the possibility of adding some creative lighting fixtures or lamps. From IKEA to other retailers, there’s no shortage of possible aesthetics in lighting. Be creative! Even if you don’t have the space for something fancy, you can still have minimalist-inspired lighting like pot lights or thin lamps.

Another way you can add lighting and spice up your family room is by adding custom led neon signs on the walls.

10. Curvy furniture

A lot of us find curves to be very relaxing. When we see them, we see something modern and calming. To have an even cozier family room, consider using curves in things like your seating, ottomans, coffee tables, shelving units, and more. Curves used like this are a great way to communicate connection and calmness. Get renovation companies des moines ia and surrounding areas.

When choosing family room furniture, be aware of the impact of color, texture, light, and patterns. In a basement or an area that’s not particularly well-lit, you can still create a lot of vibrancy with color and textures.

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