Brightening a dark room can be difficult if you don’t know where to start, but there are some great ways to lift the atmosphere and brighten the room without having to break your budget. Spending time in a dark room can result in you feeling low and flat, whereas bright rooms are known for lifting your mood, making you feel relaxed and motivated, so it’s always beneficial to add as much light to a room as possible. The following decor tips have been gathered to help you brighten your room and create a space that feels warm and welcoming.

Introduce a Velux

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Whilst this may be a pricer option, Velux windows are ideal for adding light into a dark room. You often find that rooms with low roofs can feel more like a cave than a room in the home, but once a Velux window is introduced you can instantly feel the light lifting the atmosphere and creating a space that feels inviting. Traditional Velux windows like these are ideal for bringing more light to a room, without interrupting the existing decor or style of the room. You can then find a huge range of beautiful blinds here to fit with your Velux window perfectly and finish off the room in style.

Decorate with White

It goes without saying that white is a bright, fresh colour, so there’s no surprise that it’s the best colour to use when trying to brighten a dark room. If you do a little research online, at places like Farrow & Ball or Laura Ashley, you’ll find a huge selection of white paints to choose from with other undertones to bring more life and character to the room. White is also a much easier colour to work with, as you can add bold bursts of colour through furnishings and fabrics, as well as introducing bright artwork and decorative touches to bring more personality to the room.

Upgrade Your Lighting

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Just like natural light is needed to make a room bright and fresh, the artificial lighting within a room is just as important to achieving this. The lighting within your room has a huge impact on the overall look and feel of that space, so you need to make sure you get it right. From side lamps to wall fixtures, if your lighting isn’t bright or your bulbs are too dim, the room is going to feel dark and dingey. Now is the time to upgrade your lighting and update your light bulbs to ensure that they are bright and fresh enough to illuminate the room in the right way. You can find a huge choice of light bulbs here that will help to instantly brighten the room and create a much fresher feel within the room. It’s also really beneficial to look for eco-friendly, energy-saving bulbs too, as this will ensure that you’re helping to do your bit for the environment.

Add a Rug

The addition of a rug can transform a room in more ways than you’d realise. Rugs are designed to complete a room and add a soft, comfortable touch to the area. From traditional patterned rugs like this, to minimal designs like these, you can find the perfect rug to suit the decor of your room.

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