There’s nothing more exciting than being able to throw your own dinner party from the comfort of your home. Inviting your friends’ round for an evening of good food, games, drinks and great company is always wonderful and a great way to spend quality time with those closest to you. From the décor to the food, this post goes into detail on how to throw a fabulous dinner party, helping you to embrace your inner Martha Stewart and host a party to remember.

The Menu

Choosing your menu is one of the most important elements of the night. When hosting your very own dinner party, you need to ensure you’ve ticked every box and considered the dietary requirements of your guests as the last thing you want is to serve any dishes that guests could be allergic to. Check in with them to find out any key information you need to know and then you can get started on creating your delicious dinner menu. Opting for a tasty 3 course meal is always a win at a dinner party, so select three dishes that work well together to put together for your guests. Many people find it easier to work alongside a theme, as this makes it much easier to find recipes that complement each other.

Stock the Bar

If you’re one of those hosts who has their very own mini bar in the home, then a dinner party is an essential occasion to stock that bar up to the top. There are some gorgeous home style bars available like these from Buster & Punch, which will instantly add that chic touch to your dinner party and create a great spot to throw together tasty cocktails to go well with your chosen menu. Make sure to stock the bar up with a selection of different tipples, with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options to cover all bases for your guests.

Keep it Stress-Free

The last thing you want when prepping and planning a dinner party is to be stressed. From the initial planning to cooking dinner on the day, you need to keep a calm, stress-free environment to help ensure you feel comfortable and confident during your dinner party. In order to achieve this, you want to prepare properly, making sure you have everything ready in advance and not leaving anything to the last minute.

Table Settings

Whilst the menu is an extremely important element of a dinner party, something just as important is the way you present your home and set the table. You want your guests to feel welcome and at home and with a stylish table setting you can ensure you create a warm, welcoming atmosphere for them. Introducing some beautifully scented candles or flowers can really help to enhance the atmosphere and create a really homely feel, which is exactly what you want to achieve when hosting a dinner party.

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