70+ Cool Doorless Walk in Shower Ideas 2023

Are you looking for your next bathroom remodeling inspiration? Use these doorless walk in shower ideas to know what’s in trend.

Gone are the days when you had to use curtains to get into the shower. Now, we use more sophisticated designs with more sleekness. A doorless walk-in shower looks modern and chic. And you don’t have to allow lots of space for this option.

You can build it in a corner. And if that’s not a possibility, you can choose to add glass to guard the shower space.

For added uniqueness and beauty, you can use a divider to give that much-needed privacy.
Even with all the divisions and glass boundaries, walk-in showers occupy less space than curtained spaces.

If the style has sneaked its way into your mind, you can browse these doorless walk in shower ideas collection to get inspiration for your next bathroom remodeling.

Table of Contents

1. Corner

Source: nextluxury.com

If your bathroom has an isolated corner, use it as a walk-in shower. Note that it should have enough space to keep the water droplets within it. You will also have to be mindful of the direction of your showerhead to prevent water from escaping.

2. Corner with Divisions

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source: premiercareinbathing.co.uk

If your shower space is a little too narrow, you can maximize the space by adding half-walls. This added element of boundary will prevent the water from escaping.

3. Circular Enclosure

Circular Enclosure

A circular enclosure is a perfect style among corner shower ideas. It uses curved glass to guard the shower area. But if you’ve got a large space for showering, you can skip the glass enclosure and focus on the floor elevation.

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4. Glass Partition

Glass Partition
Source: houzz.ie

For a corner that isn’t isolated, you can use a glass partition to keep some of the steam. The glass you use for this wall should come in a single pane.

You don’t have to cover the whole side. Just add a single panel that works as a wall leaving enough room for you to walk in.

5. Industrial Glass

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source: wayfair.ca

Most showers use plain glass panels. But no one will mind if you use industrial glass with some etching.

6. Multiple Glass Walls

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source: bobvila.com

If you don’t want to reserve the whole side of your bathroom for the shower, select a corner and create the shower space using two glass walls.

7. Divided by Wall

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source: decorsnob.com

You separate your shower space from the rest of the bathroom using a wall. Or you can use half walls to build a nook for it.

8. Add Glass Panel

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source: Pinterest.com

Top the half wall off with a glass panel. You can extend it to the ceiling or you can just cover a small part over the half wall to prevent the water droplets from escaping.

9. Add a Full Glass Panel

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source: thespruce.com

You don’t want to part with your curbless shower ideas but still want to part the room in the shower and other areas. You do this with half walls. And don’t forget that you can add glass panels that extend to the ceiling on top of these half-walls.

10. Halved Bathroom

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source: Pinterest.com

Simply, build a wall to separate the bathroom into two parts immediately where the door ends. You can use this style if you have lots of space in a square bathroom.

11. Not Exactly Halved

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
ource: imaginahome.com

Using a wall that starts immediately where the bathroom door ends and extends to the rear wall, you can part the bathroom into two parts. But these parts don’t have to have equal sizes. Instead, you can leave more space for the toilet, sink, and vanity than you do for the shower.

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12. Walk-in Shower with Bathtub

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source: decorsnob.com

You can mix the two components if you have a large area.

13. Bathtub in Access

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source: decorsnob.com

You don’t have to keep the bathtub immediately beside your shower area to make it easy and accessible. It can be behind the half-wall next to the shower area. Sure, it wouldn’t be separated by a door because it’s a doorless shower, right?

14. Long and Rectangular

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source: Pinterest.com

Shower rooms don’t have to be small and narrow. If you’ve got space, make them large. It will allow you room to move around and be comfortable.

15. Use Large Tiles for a Large Shower Area

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source: houzz.com

Using smaller tiles and patterns will make the installation and cleaning a huge deal. Make it easy for yourself by using larger tiles.

16. Decorate with Plants

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source: matchness.com

If you have a large area to maneuver for a walk-in shower, use every inch of it to improve your showering experience. Use plants to make it look more appealing. Add a stool or bench in the place.

17. Shower with a Bench

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source: bobvila.com

Do you want even more comfort? When you’ve got space to play with, you can include other components in your walk in shower. A bench is one example of these accessories.

18. Or a Marble Seat

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source: pinterest.com

If you prefer to build a bench within the area, a marble bench will come to your help.

19. Or a Stool

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source: kallista.com

A bamboo stool in the shower area will not only look comfortable, but it’s also minimalist. And don’t forget the natural feeling that comes with including wooden furniture in your shower space.

20. Built-in Towel Rack

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source: made-in-china.com

You can minimize the cleaning hassle by using built-in accessories. A built-in towel rack – if heated – gives added comfort and luxury.

21. Installed Mirror

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source: angi.com

Not many showers include a mirror. But it makes the whole process easier. You can come out of the shower with your best look, right?

22. Luminous Shower

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source: homedit.com

Beautify your shower experience with small lights lighting up the ceiling.

23. Compact and Practical

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source: pinterest.com

Small space can become a blessing if you don’t want to spend a fortune on tiling and maintenance. You don’t have to worry much about contrast and color themes in a small space. Use one color for the floor and complete it with the matching wall color.

24. Multiple Showerheads

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source: normandyremodeling.com

Why would you use multiple showerheads in your shower? To make washing easy! And it gives a luxurious feeling.

25. Walk-in Shower and Steam Room

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source: thermasol.com

I know we were talking strictly about the doorless showers. But this door doesn’t count because it’s only there to trap the steam. As glass panels guard the water vapours, this shower serves both purposes.

26. Leaving the Tub Out

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source: Pinterest.com

Using a walk in shower doesn’t deny you the luxury of having a bathtub. You could place it beside your shower space. Or you can leave it out of the boundaries of your shower.

27. Allow Space for the Two of You

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source: bobvila.com

If you have enough space, use it to encourage bonding time as a couple. Use two showerheads, two shelves for bathroom essentials, and some space for moving freely.

28. Open Plan Walk-in Shower

Open Plan Walk-in Shower
Source: designingidea.com

Do you want to ditch walls altogether in your bathroom? Use an open shower plan. The only divisions your bathroom will have to include vanity, planters, and stools.

29. Glass Panel in the Middle

Glass Panel in the Middle
Source; gcsglassandmirror.com

Glass panels are a norm among without doors doorless walk in shower ideas. But you can add uniqueness to them by keeping them in the middle of the shower boundary allowing both sides to serve as an entrance.

30. Partition Wall in the Middle

Partition Wall in the Middle
Source: pinterest.com

Instead of using a glass panel in the middle of the entrance, you can cover part of your large shower space using a partition wall. Add sinks and mirrors to complete the view and hide away the discrete shower room.

31. Arched Entrance

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source: hmiglass.com

Give an ancient feeling to your bathroom with an arched entrance. Tiles will be most suitable for this appearance.

32. Hide It behind the Sink

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source: designingidea.com

If you don’t have lots of space for your walk-in shower, you have to be clever in the use of space. So, you can hide the shower space just behind the toilet seat with a wall or use a sink to cover it up.

33. Beside the Bathtub

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source: houzz.com

Again, you can accessorize this cool style of dual-entry shower boundary with a bathtub located next to the glass panel. It will also ease your bath routine. Get out of the bathtub and easily find your way into the shower.

34. Use Concrete

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source: decorsnob.com

Simple concrete walls look elegant and sleek. Make sure they complement the simple outline of your bathroom before installing.

Use classic colors for the concrete wall against pure white tiles. And if you want a more traditional look, use a concrete gray color against yellowish tiles.

35. Use Geometric Patterns

Use Geometric Patterns
Source: youtube.com/Home Channel TV

Square and rectangular tiles are not the only styles you can use for your walk-in shower no door no glass. You also have to choose between circles, hexagons, and prisms.

36. Make It Simple with Subway Tiles

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source: thespruce.com

These small rectangular tiles aren’t too sophisticated and give a welcoming, frank look to your shower area.

37. Stone Walk-in Shower

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source: archdaily.com

Use stone walls instead of tiles or glass to surround your bathroom.

38. Exposed Brick Wall

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source; pinterest.com

This is a great style for the accent wall of your walk-in shower. Use red bricks to naturally add color to the room.

39. Use Bright Colors

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source: pinterest.com

Who said you cannot use accent walls in your bathroom? Not only is this a possibility but it’s a cool and energetic one. So, electrify your morning shower with the bright color of your choice.

40. How About Beige

Source: homestratosphere.com

You don’t want to have a striking bright color in your shower every day. But the idea of an energetic morning makes you look for the perfect color scheme for your shower.

Beige will be the best color for you. It’s subtle and bright and is full of passion and energy.

41. Earthy Tones

Source: donpedrobrooklyn.com

If passion is not the first thing you need from your morning shower, you might want to explore the idea of night-time relaxation. Using natural color tones in your shower will give a relaxing feel. Select from gray,
green, and sky blue.

Complete with some plants.

42. Allow Natural Light

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source: donpedrobrooklyn.com

Beige, green, and bright tones are perfect colors to reflect light. Natural light matches with them to enhance the mood of the viewer.

43. Use a Rainshower

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source: tradewindsimports.com

Do you want more luxury for your shower? Rainshower may be the answer.

44. Or Complete the Rainshower Experience

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source: maisonvalentina.net

Give a rustic look to your bathroom with bamboo flooring and wooden panels in the shower area or whole bathroom.

45. Or Make It Modern and Decorated

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source: deavita.net

Natural style is not the only option you’ve got with a rain shower. Instead, you can resort to a romantic shower space with candle stands, pebbled floors, and heavily textured walls.

46. Or Use Pebble Tile

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source: decorpad.com

Get a freshwater feel from your shower by replacing tiles with a more relaxed component – pebble tiles.

47. Binge on Wooden Fittings

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source: Pinterest.com

Do you love the feel and vibe you get from wooden fixtures and fittings at your home? Bring that vibe into your shower room. And ensure that every fitting you will use will be of wood.

48. Or Any Other Material You Love

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source: pinterest.com

If wood is not your most favorite material, you may prefer glass, marble, or aluminum. Whatever it is, you can always include a few more pieces of this material in your shower space.

49. Walls with Matte Finish

Walls with Matte Finish
Source: pinterest.com

Can you imagine a shower – or a bathroom – with surfaces less glossy than glass and tiles? Now is the time to question these norms with Stucco walls and their matte finish. You will take some time to get used to it, by the way!

50. Just Concrete

Just Concrete
Source: pinterest.com

Do you think concrete is outdated? It’s not when you pair it with a minimalist approach to decorating your shower space. Keep the walls barren and add nothing but some shelves and towel hangers.

51. Use Spanish Tiles

Use Spanish Tiles
Source: pinterest.com

There is nothing modern with Spanish tiles and this is what makes this idea stand out. If you have grown wary of sleek design, this will lend a fuller and complete look.

52. Concrete Could Be Glossy

Concrete Could Be Glossy
Source: decorsnob.com

If the concrete’s apparent crudeness is preventing you from featuring its use in your shower, make it glossy.

Use the right natural-looking paints and get a polished finish.

53. Ditch the Neutral Tone

Ditch the Neutral Tone
Source: houzz.com

Pick the classic one and stick to dark tiles. One way to include dark color in your shower is to use concrete with the right paints. But you can also use black and gray tiles to get the feeling.

54. Slate Tiles for Accent Wall

Slate Tiles for Accent Wall
Source: decorpad.com

You don’t have to cover the whole shower room with dark color. Instead, only confine this tone to the accent
wall allowing light to pass freely and making the area more realistic.

55. Stone Mosaic Tiles

Stone Mosaic Tiles
Source: tileclub.com

They aren’t too dark. So you can enjoy the neutral tone day after day. Use them for the accent wall only or get them to cover the whole area.

56. Nearly Pure Black

Nearly Pure Black
Source: pinterest.com

Do you want to indulge in black color for your shower? Keep your walls and floors in black and use pure white to contrast the color in the bathtub and vanity.

57. Set in the Dark

Set in the Dark
Source: homedit.com

You have to be careful when lighting a shower area with dark tiles or surfaces. You cannot allow too much natural light or it will ruin the look. At the same time, strong light may not look sophisticated. Use smaller lights that are dispersed across the ceiling to cover to whole space.

58. Dark Floor

Dark Floor
Source: pinterest.com

While dark shades are common for walls – particularly accent walls – it’s not mandatory to keep these tones for walls only. Instead, you can use dark colors for floor tiles and select neutral colors for walls.

59. Vertical Tiles

Vertical Tiles
Source; pinterest.com

These tiles impart a feeling of space. But you can use them to beautify your already large shower area as well.

60. Use Wallpaper

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source: decorpad.com

Don’t be surprised. You can actually get wallpapers that are as water-proof and durable as is required by the wall.

61. Bamboo and Wood

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source: renoguide.com

If you are a naturalist, morning showers will become a celebration for you. Make sure your shower is facing wood and you let the view in using wide windows. Shield these windows with bamboo blinds. Include plants to focus on during the shower and don’t forget to include wooden cabinets and shelves.

62. Separate It with a Passion

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source: homedit.com

Use different floor tiles for your shower area to set it apart from the rest of the bathroom. You can change the color, design, pattern, or all of these things about the tiles.

63. Built-in Storage

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source: britishceramictile.com

Instead of using a vanity or a bathroom cabinet, use built-in storage for your corner shower. This will also supply much-needed storage space to your bathroom.

64. Marble Shelves

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source: fabglassandmirror.com

Combine the built-in marble bench in your large shower with marble shelves for keeping shampoos and other essentials.

65. Add a Skylight

Source: onekindesign.com

For those shower areas that are located on the top floor and away from people’s eyes, a skylight will allow an ample amount of natural light into them. If that’s not a possibility, you can resort to adding small windows near the ceiling.

66. Guard with a Floating Vanity

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source: oneweekbath.com

What kind of storage space are you using? Consider a floating vanity if you want a sleek look for the shower and bathroom.

67. Use Reflective Glass to Enjoy City View

Source: architecturaldigest.com

You don’t have to compromise your privacy to enjoy the skyline from your shower window.

68. The Height of Accessibility

Source: Pinterest.com

Those users who struggle with limited mobility need to focus on design elements that ensure easy access. The shower should be wheelchair friendly. Its floor should have the same height as the bathroom.

And the entrance should be at least 60 inches long. Also, keep a stool that is as high as the wheelchair.

69. Contrasting the Colors

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas
Source: fireclaytile.com

Mixing up different pieces of fixtures with contrasting colors is another way to accentuate the beauty of the design. Two more natural colors, that contrast – as well as beautify – each other, are warm red and green. Interestingly, both are abundant in nature and create an earthy look.

70. Get a Shield

Source: decorpad.com

Guard your shower with full-length windows from three sides. Make them wooden and complete the look with other wooden accessories in the bathroom.

71. Use Every Inch

Source: Pinterest.com

You may think that your bathroom is too small to include a shower. But you can’t be more wrong. Even a corner is enough to accommodate a rectangular shower area. Not every shower has to stick to standard walk-in shower dimensions. Some can be built in smaller spaces as well.

Take Away

This post discusses some awesome doorless walk in shower ideas. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a big bathroom or you have to utilize a small one. We have included ideas for every style and need.

The best part is their appeal. Regardless of their sizes and accessories, every idea is an embodiment of luxury, style, and ease.

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