Draft Center Dancing Water Pavilion in Seoul

The futuristic project called Dancing Water Pavilion, designed by studio SUS & HI office took one of the main prizes in the contest Seoul Design Olympiad, an innovative project whose geometry seamlessly interacts with a panoramic view of Seoul and the local beauty of the Han River.

The basis of this track, located on the surface of the water of the river, lies the concept of “petrified” of nature. Organic forms of structure, according to experts, perfectly combined with a picture panorama of the city and constant light ripples of the water surface, as if dancing with the wind. A dynamic new growth as a result of this “dance of nature,” which stood as a welcoming place of leisure. According to the authors, the flow of “energy dancing” generates a new form through which interacts with people. Dynamics forms the structure continues to develop play of light and shadow.

Functionally, the object is an open platform for public cultural activities in the open. This platform is flexible enough to use and can provide a venue for exhibitions, concerts and celebrations. Also there will be formed a small infrastructure, including garden benches, bar and observation deck that provides an opportunity to admire the panoramic views.

Due to the expressive architecture and beautifully organized system of lighting at night Dancing Water Pavilion will be another landmark object Korean metropolis. Get to the “dancing Islands” will be like from the shore and in water transport.

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