A Dream Destination for Car Lovers

Car Lovers

For car lovers, V8 hotel is the ultimate destination. This unique hotel is entirely designed with car models and automobile parts. Even the beds in the rooms are created out of various real car models, while the room interiors have fancy automobile related décor.

car lovers

The hotel includes 34 rooms, each having distinctive home interior. Rooms are primarily divided into 5 distinct categories, namely Double Room, Single Room, Family Room, Zeppelin-Suite and Theme Base Room.  Among all Zeppelin-Suite tends to be the most costly, since it includes a bed designed from a real Ferrari car. Others cars used for beds are Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz, Morris Minor and so on.

The hotel was inaugurated in the year 2009 and is situated in Stuttgart, Germany, at Wolfgang Brumme Alle. This automotive boutique hotel is matchless, artistic and also attention-grabbing.

suhail ajmal
suhail ajmal
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