What You Should Be Aware Of When Drinking Bottled Water

Drinking bottled water is surprisingly common as people feel it is a safer alternative to tap water. Part of the reason for this is that water treatment plants add chemicals like chlorine and fluoride. These chemicals serve a purpose but can also be detrimental to health.

It should be noted that research is ongoing into fluoride as it is proven to help strengthen teeth and bones but limited research has suggested a link with increased cancer risk.

In addition, water can be contaminated after it leaves the water treatment plant. It, therefore, seems safer to choose bottled water at home.

However, the best option is to add a water filter. There are several types worth considering, that’s why you should speak to the suppliers of the best water filters Melbourne. They will talk you through the options and make sure you have the perfect solution for your home, allowing you to use tap water instead of bottled water.

It’s Cheaper

It’s Cheaper
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You may not realize it because buying bottles of water doesn’t generally seem expensive. But, purchasing bottled water all the time is significantly more costly than using water from the tap, even with the cost of a filtration system included.

Considering the current state of the global economy, saving a few cents on the water is a good idea.

Bottled Water Can Be Tap Water

Bottled Water Can Be Tap Water
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Not all bottled water comes fresh from a spring on a mountain. If you’re buying bottled water you need to verify where it is coming from. Mountain or spring water is generally more expensive but comes from the mountain or spring.

In other cases, it’s perfectly acceptable for the company to fill water bottles with tap water and sell them. People buy them because it’s bottled water and you’ve probably never read the label.

But, if you’re buying this type of bottled water you’re simply getting tap water and paying more for the privilege.


Plastic bottles can contain bisphenol A, known as BPA. This is a chemical that is known to have a negative effect on health. The chemical can leach out of the plastic and into the water. When you drink the water, you’re effectively drinking BPA which can cause health complications.

This is why you are told never to reuse a standard water bottle and why purpose-designed reusable containers are increasingly popular.

Plastic Is Bad For the Environment

plastic is bad for the environment
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There have been steps toward recycling plastic and reducing the amount going to landfill. While this has been successful it doesn’t change the fact that it takes approximately 24 million barrels of oil a year to produce all the plastic bottles the world uses. The use of fossil fuels has a direct effect on the planet and contributes to climate change.

In other words, plastic bottles are bad for your health and the health of the planet. The safest way to enjoy your water is from the tap, via a& water filter and, if you need to carry it around, in a purpose-designed container.

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