Designer from the Netherlands Anne van der Ley  has developed an original Dutch version of the Finnish sauna, combining the dressing room and capacity for swimming.  This large “cabinet” is made of larch wood. At the top of an opening on both sides of the wooden structure located rod for clothes, and fit the bottom of the bulk tub with built-in wall closet mixers.  Thanks to a specially developed technology, bath cabinet is waterproof in all situations. When interacting with water and steam larch, which is made from a constructive, exudes a pleasant aroma.

To optimize the usability design of the cabinet is through, that is, the doors open on both its sides. At a time when you do not take a bath cabinet can serve as an ordinary clothes, and while swimming can be hung over the bath are the things that need to “flatten” with the help of a couple not to waste time and energy on such a despised by most of us the process of ironing iron.  Of course, in the usual city apartment this controversial multi-purpose design can be completely inappropriate and cumbersome. However, in the suburban villas cabinet tub of fragrant larch will be a real boon for you and your comfortable clothes for a democratic country rest.