5 Signs an Electrical Panel Needs Maintenance

While home electrical systems are relatively simple and straightforward, the hardware and technology that keeps our homes are electrified and humming right along can be pretty complex – and often require regular maintenance if not total repairs or replacement.

This is especially true of your electrical panel.

Electrical panels have an average lifespan of between 50 and 60 years, but even the best electrical panel service in Denver will tell you that it’s possible for these panels to fail much sooner than that.

Below We Describe Five Signs your Electrical Panel Might Need a Bit of Maintenance:

1. The Panel Looks Worn or Damaged

The Panel Looks Worn or Damaged - Signs an Electrical Panel Needs Maintenance
source: 24x7electricians.com

Obvious signs of wear and tear or damage are a surefire signal that your electrical panel needs to be maintained, repaired, or replaced.

These panels are pretty much “set it and forget it” pieces of hardware. Once they are installed on the wall they don’t get touched or fiddled with all that often.

If something falls on them, something leaks on them, or some other sort of accident happens to cause wear and tear or damage they usually need to be replaced.

2. The Panel Design is Out of Date

The Panel Design is Out of Date - Signs an Electrical Panel Needs Maintenance
source: stackheating.com

Modern electrical panels are better organized, better insulated, better designed and engineered, and generally made from better construction materials – all things worth upgrading for.

Older panels will look rusty, dirty, and generally just out of date. It’s never a bad idea to overhaul or replace older panels, especially if your home’s power demands have increased in the last 50 years.

3. Obvious Signs of Burning or Melting

Obvious Signs of Burning or Melting - Signs an Electrical Panel Needs Maintenance
source: griffelectric.com

If you spot even just a few small signs of burning or melting on your panel you need to contact professional electricians ASAP to come out and inspect your panel, to diagnose the problem, and to repair or replace the panel straightaway.

Nothing inside of your electrical panel should ever get so warm that things start to melt or things start to burn. If that’s happening there’s a serious emergency issue that has to be addressed immediately.

4. Your Lights and Outlets Start to Go on the Fritz

If you’ve begun to notice that your lights and your outlets flicker, drop power and then surge back on, or are otherwise acting like they are “on the fritz” it’s probably a good idea to have your panel inspected by Electrical panel service in Denver.

This is usually assigned that enough power isn’t being distributed to your electrical system, an issue that should be remedied ASAP. This problem usually only gets worse and more frustrating.

5. Breakers Begin to Trip Constantly

Breakers Begin to Trip Constantly
source: dfliq.net

Circuit breakers are engineered to protect you from power surges and electrical fires. If they are tripping all the time, though, that means that there’s an issue with your panel and power distribution isn’t happening the way it should be.

Bring in the experts to diagnose and resolve this problem for you.

Closing Thoughts

At the end of the day, electrical panel repair, replacement, and routine maintenance is never as expensive as trying to recover from an electrical fire or electrical accident.

This is the kind of maintenance that responsible homeowners should be thinking about every couple of years, too.

You don’t want to wake up with a serious electrical panel emergency on your hands that could have been taken care of a few years earlier when it was just a minor inconvenience.

Seek out professional help and get that panel into ship shape ASAP!

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