Elegant Home Interior of The New Registry Office in Tyumen

The newly designed the new registry office in Tyumen is an exquisite work of art. The office includes three separate floors, each having a unique home interior. The office décor gives the place a magnificent surreal look. Each section of the office has been designed in a different manner.

The central dome of the new registry office in Tyumen has a complete glass ceiling, which allows the easy passage of natural light to illuminate the home interior. Each floor has a different wall texture and flooring, with unique set of furniture, lighting fitting and furnishing. Shades of white, brown and golden dominate the entire building. The marble flooring and marble artifacts enhances the splendor of the architecture. The colored glass exhibit in the front of the office, gives it a grand look.

The home interior of the new registry office in Tyumen includes various styles of furniture, each different form the other. The three floors of the office are accessible by means of a capsule glass elevator. The huge chandelier, hanging from the topmost ceiling, is highly majestic and striking. Apart from that, each room includes smaller chandeliers, which are also extremely classy and eye-catching. The home gadgets used in the office are highly sophisticated. The royal décor of the office creates a majestic ambience.

Updated Home
Updated Home
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