This residence brings a balance between nature and contemporary living in a renovation of an Art Deco style terrace. This Singapore home remodeling project was submitted by Ong & Ong Architects showcasing their work on the 55 Blair Road property. The design team consisted of Diego Molina, Maria Arango and Camilo Peleaz.  My two favorite areas in the home are the pool section and the staircase. The pool is integrated into the home design and features a Century Frangipani tree native to Singapore which brings a sense of peace and reflection to the area. The spiral staircase is set off beautifully with windows on either side creating a visual experience enhanced by the overall white design of the room.  This house was designed by Ong & Ong and it is located 55 Blair Road in Singapore. Stunning photos.

The house was renovated 10 years ago. The new owner however believed it was too dark and desired more light in the living spaces. The entire second floor in the main section of the house had been allocated for a master bedroom/study space with an en suite bathroom. The void acts not only as a large light well but also encourages natural ventilation within the house. The  metallic elements complement each other to create a common theme throughout the house.

The main section of the house is separated by the out door pool and frangipani garden. When both sides of the glazed partitions are open the first floor becomes one large space. The ground floor is not only a lounge and dinning area it is an ideal place to relax and sit poolside. The TV and music appliances are hidden in recesses in the wall that are concealed when not in use buy larges pieces of art, this reiterates the concept of continuity of spaces. The lighting can be controlled by an integrated computer that can be used to set lighting moods within the house.

The rear section  of the house accommodates the kitchen space , a powder room, the maids’ room and a roof terrace. A steel spiral staircase links these spaces. The internal courtyard divides the two sections of the house. The kitchen has been finished in a seamless aluminum cladding. This creates a refined kitchen space.

The overall scheme houses successfully establishes a relationship between inside and outside space. The approach of situating a swimming pool in the centre of the house produces a space that is diverse and suitable to a range of activities.
Overall I think this is a beautiful and unique design. The layout is not suitable for a large family as there is only one master bedroom and a small guest bed in the attic. Outdoor pool is dream. I do love the pool concept and the gnarled tree is a perfect compliment. There is a definite tranquility about the place that is very appealing. And no loud music or excessive noise is permitted here, I think the house would get very upset with you.


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