23 Best Entryway Table Décor Ideas to Make a Killer First Impression

While most of the entryways are somewhat functional than glam, designing and decorating the entrance of your home is still a thing. If you want to make a fantastic first impression on your guests, this is the right place for you! We have covered tons of entryways table décor ideas that will convince you to dress up the entrance of your home.

Your entryway table isn’t just some neglected entrance space. It sets the overall tone of your home. Try being specific and attentive towards this space, so your guests get anticipated about how your home will look like!

As much as you want to consider more practical console table décor ideas, you can still follow numerous fashionable ways to make your entrance warm and welcoming.

Top 23 Entryway Table Décor Ideas You Should Try

When it comes to decorating your entryway table, begin with what would really make you feel at home. You’d instantly picture your dream theme easily, and designing your entrance wouldn’t be a daunting task.

No matter what your taste is; traditional, modern, feminine, classical, or anything in between, you are in for a treat! Here are the best entryway and hallway table décor ideas that can fit any home style.

Let’s begin, shall we?

1- Bigger Mirror Home Entrance Décor Idea:

Source: lindadelaywallace.com

Want to have both glamorous and functional home entrance decoration? An adequately sized mirror can do a lot for your entryway or small hallway. You can have a quick check-in, and a big mirror on the entrance can also be a welcoming optical illusion.

When you position the mirror on the front, it collects maximum light from the outside and bounces it back from its recessed alcove. Overall, adding a mirror to your entrance is a smart way to make your entry look aesthetically pleasing.

2- Baskets And Drawers Entryway Table Décor Ideas:

Baskets And Drawers Entryway Table Décor Ideas
Source: homedit.com

If uniqueness is what you want with your home entrance, then placing three wicker baskets on the lower shelf would look decent and unique. Since the foyer table comes with drawers, vintage lamps will compliment it well.

3- Fresh Flowers Entryway Table Décor Ideas:

Source: calypsointhecountry.com

Nothing would look more happy and welcoming than a fresh, big bunch of flowers on the entrance. Greet yourself and your guests with a flower bunch that complements your background’s paint color and accents. Make sure flowers go well with the hallways wallpapers to create a sense of balance.

4- Go Glamorous With Vintage Lamps On Entryway Table:

Glamorous With Vintage Lamps On Entryway Table
Source: gabbyhome.com

Turn the glam up with warm and vintage lamps over your entrance table to create aesthetic vibes. Pick a statement-building muted light. They’d look great, especially at night. Complete the overall ambiance by adding brass, lucite, leather, and marble accessories.

5- Glass Foyer Entryway Table Décor Ideas:

Glass Foyer Entryway Table
Source: homedit.com

Represent your elegant personality with a glass foyer table at the entryway to make everything look super decent and elegant – exactly like your transparent personality! Bright side, the glass foyer will also aesthetically hold your decorative vases. It’s time you charm your guests with something they have never seen!

6- Cute and straightforward Entryway Décor Ideas:

Source: mydomaine.com

Why spend dollars on expensive décor pieces when the littlest of things can make your entryway super impressing? Pick a minimalistic entryway table and place nice and cute accessories over it. Take an example of a décor piece with “Hello” written over it to welcome your guests.

opt for white paints while painting the legs of your table to keep things simple and elegant. You may also place lit candles at night to give your entryway table a complete “bright and aesthetic” look.

7- Rustic And Warm Entryway Table Décor Ideas:

Source: hudsonfarmhouse.com

Lovely pieces of wood can do the magic when it comes to designing you outdoors and indoors. Wooden candle holders pairing with greenery will bring an urban jungle vibe to your home’s entrance. What more warm and welcoming entrance could you ask for?

8- Compact Wall-Mounted Entryway Table Décor Ideas:

Source: walmart.com

Worry not if you have a narrow hallway as your entrance area. A compact, space-saving entryway table can do wonders for you. Not only will it settle down with your compact space, but it creates a classy entrance for your guests of all types. Such console tables lack legs so that they can do well with your narrow space.

9- Bold And Dark Entryway Table Décor Ideas:

Source: unsplash.com

Since building your entrance is a way to showcase your personality. So, how about you display your dark and twisted personality by incorporating black and grey colors. The shades of black and grey will make a balance and cohesive sense, so nothing seems out of place.

Pick dark and gorgeous wallpapers and shining black accessories on your décor table. It’s time you display your unique, bold identity to your visitors.

10- Old School Entryway Table Décor Ideas:

Source: sitehouse.net

Give your entrance an old-school vibe via a wooden foyer table. Decorate the top of your foyer table with wooden candle holders and glass vases. If you have festive around the corner, place Christmas trees to show your excitement for the events.

11- Deep And Rich Entryway Table Décor Ideas:

Source: homyhomee.com

Got a bright wall and want to keep the contrast up? Pick a deep and rich-colored foyer table, i.e., black or brown. Your rich-colored foyer table will stand tall and prominent. Complete the overall vibe with décor pieces such as rustic vases and candle holders—tone down the bold colors with cream and white-colored accessories.

12- Hanging Art Piece Above Your Entryway Table:

Art-Piece-Above-Your-Entryway table

Shine your entrance with a good balance of accessories. A nice piece of art by your favorite artist above your modern entryway table can be a classy welcoming sight to your visitors. Pairing a stylish table with a corresponding mirror emulates the thickness of your foyer table well.

This entryway idea not only sits well with your modern aesthetics but can complement your big, bright wall. You can also consider adding a few ornamental accessories to complete the look.

13- Foyer Table With Seats Décor Ideas:

Source: ablissfulnest.com

Take things in control by circulating your foyer table with two to three seats. You can go cozy with flat and comfortable chairs around your entryway table. After all, there is nothing terrible in picking multifunctional furniture sets for your entrance.

14- Shoe Cabinets Entryway Table Décor Ideas:

Source: lavalldelord.com

Go multifunctional and versatile with a show cabinet entryway hack. Turn the top section of your foyer table into a shoe cabinet. Make sure you apply fresh paint to identify the cabinet area for shows. To finish the overall look, place accessories and fresh flowers ornamentals.

15- Three Shelf Neutral-Colored Rustic Table Décor Idea:

Source: homebnc.com

If you want to fit multiple items in a sleek yet foyer table with good storage, go for the entryway table that comes with three different shelves. Each shelf will be multi-purpose.

Even a short table can work as you will only use the shelves with just a single tabletop. Add large items and accessories on the tabletop to give suitable décor finishing to your home’s entrance.

16- Faux Weathered Natural Wood Entry Table Décor Ideas:

Faux Weathered Natural Wood Entry Table
Source: homebnc.com

Do you have an old and used wooden entryway table and can’t afford a new one? Don’t worry! You can’t do a lot with your limited budget. Just get white paints and wax to update the look of your entryway table.

Not only does it require significantly less investment, but it also gives a rustic, classy look. It is the user’s favorite under-budget décor hack, and you try it too without feeling any hesitation.

17- Super Affordable Entryway Table Décor Ideas:

Source: edetaria.com

Your entryway décor design shouldn’t have to be expensive. Even under-budget décor designs can do the job for you. Make a straightforward approach by an expensive foyer table. While the table remains less heavy, you can paint its legs white.

18- Table Lamps Entryway Table Décor Ideas:

Source: edetaria.com

When your hallway is adequately lit, you can decorate table lamps well. These muted lighting table lamps will add a warm and welcoming gesture to your entrance. Besides enhancing lighting, table lamps are good options to leave a bold statement behind you.

19- Home’s Heritage Antiques Entryway Table Décor Ideas:


Looking to take inspiration to pick an antique design? Look around your home and grasp the theme. This way, not only would you find the signature vibe of your home, but you’ll feel more motivated to design your entrance with a cohesive scheme.

20- Neutral And Mesmerizing Entryway Table Décor Ideas:

Source: designersofas4u.co.uk

If you are a fan of minimalism and want to indulge in the entrance of your room, you can keep the overall décor of your entrance table warm and simple. Pair white backgrounds with warm accents. You may also place warm tones in a clay vase while tying worn-wood table and woven basket tie in the space together.

21- Black And White Entryway Table Décor Ideas:

Source: wayfair.ca

What can look classier than a black and white entryway table décor combination? Imagine an old 70s look emerged in an entrance, speaking highly of your aesthetic values. Make sure you pick good proportions of the black and white, so they go well together.

Let’s give you one design idea. Decorate your entrance with a white entryway table and a matching black mirror. This combination works incredibly well and complements each other to make the room stand out.

22- Pretty And Petite Country Style Entryway Table Décor Ideas:

Country Style Entryway Table
Source: decoraid.com

A small petite table in rustic tones can give a whole look to your narrow hallway. Even if you have a limited area at your disposal, decorate it with a pretty and petite country-style entryway table. Make sure you don’t overdo the decorations. Keep it simple and minimal to elevate the whole mood of your home’s entrance.

23- Double Up Entryway Table Décor Ideas:

Double Up Entryway Table Décor
Source: curatedinterior.com

If a single entryway table can increase the aesthetics of your home’s entrance, imagine how two tables together can do the job for you! Don’t just shuffle two foyer tables over each other. Create a calm sense of order by symmetrically placing two-entryway tables. Not only will you get extra space at your disposal, but it will also look oddly unique.

Wrapping It Up!

If you are looking forward to injecting your personality into the front door table of your home, this is the place to do it right. The entryway table décor ideas we have listed above are glamorous, aesthetic, and strategically functional. So, buckle up and extract design inspirations from our list of foyer table décor ideas to enchant your family and guests


Let us know in the comments what entryway table décor design you liked the most.

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