This luxury residence have a Victorian style throughout the home to a clean, fresh palette while retaining all existing items have been simplified. The requirements for a modern house of the family are demonstrated by the extended atmosphere of open and simple renovation. located near Melbourne. The architects have mixed classical and contemporary style by taking out some of the rooms in the Victorian tradition.

In addition to accommodation and a fully redesigned and renovated by Mim Design studio interiors, a small stop on the beautiful DMH Residence, a stunning modern villa with swimming pool located in the region of Melbourne, Australia. Mixing both sober and very modern style in parts with a Victorian almost typed decoration in other discovers all details of this House.

DMH Residence is a great living space which is offering an old atmosphere that blend with a modern interior design. Those old atmosphere is found in the entrance which is appear the corridor after the entrance door. In the corridor wall is placed some painting frames which gives an art view. This residence is also having a fireplace completed with a chimney. All the furniture which the architect uses for this residence is modern furniture. The unique lampshade is installed above the dining table in the kitchen area. From the kitchen area, the large pool is viewed. It is because the wall which used in the kitchen area is made from the glass. The swimming pool is separated from the green yard by a glass edge.

The interior design which is designed and renovated by the architect is distinguished between old and clean, timeless interior renovation is melding with a classic Victorian character which is features throughout the home have been simplified to a clean, fresh  palette and it is whilst the maintaining all of the existing elements. Simple extended height and the open feel of the renovation is demonstrated by the requirements of a modern family home. By the architect, the interior is furnishings work in the conjunction with the space to create an elegant, timeless and fresh feel.

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