What Flooring Would You Have In Your Bathroom?

When it comes to bathroom flooring, the first thing that comes to mind is often ceramic tiles. However, there are many options that are just as suitable, and can help to finish off a unique bathroom with just the look you are aiming for. Carpet One floor covering has a great range of flooring available.

Ceramic Tiling

Ceramic tiles are a popular choice for bathrooms and there are a huge variety of different tiles available, in different sizes, shapes, colors and finishes. Ceramic flooring is a particularly good choice as it resists moisture well. However, for this reason it can be quite slippery when wet, so it is a good idea to put a good quality bath mat down when your feet are wet.  These tiles also lend themselves very well to use with an under-floor heating system.


Another popular choice for bathroom flooring is vinyl (tiles or sheet). Vinyl flooring is easy to fit in any bathroom as it can easily be cut to exactly the right shape, and there are plenty of designs available to complement the color scheme of your new bathroom, including those that look like tiles or wood. Vinyl is an economical choice and is also warmer under foot than ceramic, making it ideal for stepping onto when barefoot.  Different textures of vinyl carry different slip or trip risks – the smoother the vinyl, the more likely a slip or trip as it has less grip; a non-slip bath mat may be needed.


Carpet is the warmest and the most comfortable to stand on choice for bathroom flooring, although it doesn’t usually last as long as other types of flooring due to the fact that water and carpet do not mix well. There are plenty of colors and patterns available to suit your style and budget, and like vinyl, carpet can quickly and easily be cut to the right size. It is also easy to remove and replace if you change your color scheme or your taste in the future. If installed properly carpet is probably the least likely floor covering to cause slips or trips.


Hardwood is an elegant and upmarket choice to finish off your new high-quality bathroom, although it is quite costly. Different woods are available with different grains and colors to finish off the look you are aiming for. Hardwood is warm under foot but can be damaged over time by moisture. It can be slippery when wet, especially when it has a high gloss finish. A good quality, grippy bath mat can reduce the risk of slips and trips.


Laminate flooring creates a clean, polished look similar to hardwood with a lower price tag. It is relatively simple to put together even if you don’t have carpentry experience, as many varieties are ‘clip together’ and can be cut to size using basic tools. Like hardwood, laminate can become slippery when wet – again, a bath mat may be needed.


Another upmarket finish is natural stone flooring, which looks especially good in a natural colored bathroom, and is not damaged by water. However stone can be cold underfoot and also slippery when wet, therefore a bath mat is likely to be needed for wet feet. It is also one of the most expensive options.

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