Flower Decoration Ideas: 5 Best Ways To Arrange Flowers In Your Home

Decorating with flowers and greenery is a fantastic way to capture the beauty of nature in your home. Floral decor boasts mood-boosting effects, making it the perfect finishing touch for any room.

Best Flower Decoration Ideas

There are endless ways to decorate with flowers and greenery beyond dropping a pre-arranged bouquet in a vase. Here are some inspiring ideas on how to arrange flowers in your home.

Rethink the Vessel

One of the easiest ways to refresh your decor is to think outside the vase. Consider using a unique vessel option to set the stage for each room.

Orchids are some of the best flowers for home staging. Rather than placing them in a traditional flower pot, consider an Art Deco hanging orchid planter.

Consider the room you’re decorating and the aesthetic you’re trying to convey. Tinted glass bottles serve as lovely vessels of singular blooms or small sprays of wildflowers. Teapots are perfect for a quaint array of carnations in the kitchen or dining area.

You can use an antique pitcher, an upcycled toy, or even a conch shell to hold your floral arrangement. You may even opt for a minimalist floral wreath instead of a vessel. Creativity is key when decorating your home with florals and greenery.

Use Water as a Decor Feature

Keeping cut flowers in water helps keep them nourished and fresh, extending their lifespan— but what if you use the water as a featured aspect of your arrangement?

Consider cutting the stems from your flowers and making a floating floral arrangement with candles. Conversely, you can use a tall hurricane vase filled with water and stacked flowers— these centerpieces look beautiful when surrounded by fairy lights.

Consider Dried Arrangements

One of the challenges of decorating with flowers and greenery is how quickly they wither away. Even with proper care, cut flowers may only last a couple of weeks. For a more permanent fixture, consider long-lasting dried flowers for display.

There are several ways to dry flowers, and some blooms perform better than others. Once the flowers are dried, you can spray them with a sealant to help them last longer. While your dried bouquet may not last forever, you’ll get a longer lifespan and a lovely antique aesthetic.

Add a Touch of Wild

While purchasing high-quality flowers from a florist is great, don’t hesitate to add a touch of the flowers and greenery that call your part of the world home.

Decorating with native plants helps create a connection between your interior design schemes and the outside world. This is also a nice way to fill your arrangements and incorporate seasonal blooms.

In addition to plucking wildflowers, you can also collect grasses and greens to elevate your arrangements. If you’re feeling really creative, consider adding a few fruit or vegetables as well— artichokes and purple kale are common additions to modern bouquets.

Create a Garland

If you have a mantle, ledge, or shelf, use it instead of a vessel to put together a garland. Garlands are a lovely way to accentuate focal points in your home and act as a seasonal decor piece. For example, your summer garland may feature grasses and dried wildflowers, while your winter garland could contain poinsettias and holly.

Get creative with your arrangements, and don’t be afraid to experiment. In addition to making your home bright and welcoming, arranging flowers may become a beloved hobby.

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