Furniture of the cars-Polish design

If you are passionate about cars you can see automobile in everything or bring in cars in everything. Two designers who are passionate about automotive engineering and designer furniture have combined the two and come up with a collection of furniture that any car buff will fall in love with. This unique collection of furniture has been launched by the LA Design Studio, Poland and gives freaks a chance to live and breathe autos.

The love for autos, particularly among the men can reach an incredible level of obsession. And these furniture designs are a dream come true for any auto nerd. The collection has been named the Spirit of 427 and these auto furniture have a lot of original and collector car parts that include bumpers, fuel inlets, lighthouses, and leather from Bentley and Ferrari factory stencils.

The designs of The Spirit of 427 have been inspired by the American automobiles and the spirit of 60s. For some it was the golden era of automotive beauty. As you can see in the photograph above the furniture from the collection are the closest you can get to keeping your car in your living room.

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