Futuristic Sofa Sculpture, Angel Building

Strong Came Forth Sweetness  the conceptual name of an impressive sofa sculpture, developed by experts from the British architectural studio McChesney Architects for the building of Angel Building. Form of functional art object was found through experiments with molasses and a teaspoon. Title futuristic object taken from the motto of a famous company which produces molasses «Lyles Black Treacle», which, in turn, borrowed from the Old Testament.

Sofa sculpture is made of carbon fiber that is both durable and very easy, but because of it allows you to perform graceful, slender form and scale. The spacious grounds – soft oval seating area, made with black leather – to strive towards the ceiling in a narrow twenty-two-meter vertical, which is a height greater than five double decker buses set on each other. In addition, the fold-organic sculptures interact with the creative, the newly renovated interior spaces. Vertical geometry gloss “syrup” does not compete with the existing design, and, rightly becoming visually dominant, making it even more conceptual and contemporary.

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