Host Great Parties and Get Togethers Around Your Swimming Pool

Is there anything more synonymous with summer than breaking out the barbecue grill, enjoying outdoor activities and splashing around at a neighborhood pool party?

Now imagine that your house is party central in the neighborhood, the place where everybody wants to hang out, socialize and have a good time.

Think about how great summer can be if Saturdays are filled with good food, frosty beverages and plenty of fun in and around your backyard swimming pool.

Swimming pools are great for throwing parties, whether for you and your adult friends, for teenagers or even for younger children who want to have their classmates over for a good time during the summer months.

The cool, refreshing waters of the pool are a magnet for fun seekers when the sun is high in the sky and the mercury is rising in the thermometer. Now put on some tunes, grill some burgers, put out some beer (or sodas for the young ones) and you’ve got yourself a party.

And here’s another upside – while the kids and their friends are splashing around in the pool and having a great afternoon, the adults can have some kid-free time to enjoy a nice conversation or even a bottle of wine.

Backyard swimming pools have all sorts of benefits for homeowners, including increased family time during the months when the kids are out of school and everyone wants to be outside.

And if you invite friends and neighbors over from time to time, more people can enjoy the pool while also having additional quality time outdoors when the weather is warm.

A few party and/or get together ideas this summer if you own a pool or are about to own one:

Pool Party For The KidsPool Party For The Kids

If you have young children, they’re going to love being in the swimming pool during the warm summer months.

So invite some of their friends over and let them have the pool to themselves for a few hours.

Order a pizza or two, throw some drinks in the cooler and let the kids enjoy being kids for the day.

Pool Party For The Adults

If the kids can have fun in the pool, then so can the adults. Now it might not be the same, energy-filled fun that the kids are enjoying, but it can still be a great time.

For an especially good time, wait until the kids go to bed so you can break open a bottle of wine and enjoy quiet time in the pool and on the deck with good conversation, delicious food and some ice cold adult beverages.

Why should the kids have all the fun, right?

Family Cookout And Pool PartyFamily Cookout And Pool Party

If you want to get the kids and adults together at the same time, consider turning things into a family affair. Make lasting memories under the bright summer sun, family style.

Toss the ball around, play a few pool games (Marco Polo is always a favorite) and grill up some hamburgers, hot dogs and other summertime favorites.

Certainly sounds like a fun day for all.

Cannonball Contest

Is there any swimming pool related activity that’s more fun than a cannonball contest? Possibly, but one doesn’t immediately come to mind.

Get the gang together and see who can make the biggest splash. Maybe even make a game of it and hand out prizes to the lucky winners.

You built your swimming pool to have a good time!

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