75+ Trendy and Low Budget DIY Gift Basket Ideas For 2023

Looking for some DIY gift ideas for inspiration. Look no further. Here are your best options. The love and care you feel when you are at the receiving end of a thoughtfully put-together gift basket is enormous.

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Easy to Make Gift Basket Ideas

It shows the willingness of the person to make you feel important. It is one of the coolest ways to express commitment and loyalty to the receiver. And if you want your loved one to feel your emotions towards them, gifting them a gift basket will do the trick.

But not all gift baskets are equal. You see, gift baskets are personal and customized. They have to suit the personality of the receiver.

So, your gift basket will only be valuable in the eyes of the receiver if you have put it together considering their needs and interests.

Plus, DIY gift baskets are way more appealing and valuable than store-bought ones unless you are getting some branded collection of perfumes or skincare items.

Here are 75 gift basket ideas for different occasions and interests. Choose the one that fits best. And don’t forget to personalize it even more.

Baby Shower Gift Baskets Ideas

One of the most exciting events that include a gift basket exchange is a baby shower. And it’s the right time to help the would-be parents.

1. Laundry Themed Gift Basket

Laundry Themed Gift Basket-Gift Basket Ideas
Source: holidappy.com

Laundry is one big issue to handle for new parents. Let’s stop complaining and start celebrating this chore with a gift basket in a laundry hamper.

You can support it with a reusable plastic crate or organizer. Pack it with similar essentials including detergents, hangers, and organizers.

If you want, include more traditional items such as a onesie or an outfit for the newborn.

2. Bath and Bedtime Baby Gift

Bath and Bedtime Baby Gift-Gift Basket Ideas
Source: pinterest.com

What’s the most gifted item for a newborn if it’s not a bath and bedtime kit? Most of these kits come ready to give.

But you can deviate from the norm and select your tried and tested products for your loved one.

3. Toy-Ready Gift Basket

Toy-Ready Gift Basket-Gift Basket Ideas
Source: proflowers.pk

Are you a toy collector? You may think that your talent will not help the newborn. But you can’t be more wrong.

Toys still look pleasing in the nursery. And these infants will grow up one day!
Don’t stop there. Get that perfect toy.

4. Baby’s Day Out Hamper

Baby’s Day Out Hamper-Gift Basket Ideas
Source: sentimentsexpress.com

The hardest job that a new mom carries out after having a baby is to take him out for the first time. Make this job easier and pack all the essentials she will need for this ‘first’.

5. Grooming Kit

Grooming Kit-Gift Basket Ideas
Source: pinterest.com

Help the mom with personal care with carefully collected beauty essentials. Add facial kit, manicure essentials, and hair care products. Or focus on one procedure only.

6. Bathtub Gift Basket

Bathtub Gift Basket-Gift Basket Ideas
Source: Pinterest.com

Include bath toys, soaps, and towels. Pack it in a small bathtub and share the fun.

7. Personalized Baby Gift

Personalized Baby Gift-Gift Basket Ideas
Source: pinterest.com

Get a pink or blue basket and fill it up with items of your choice. You can give them reading fun for their mommy and me time.

Or you can help bond over massaging and exercise with essential oils and blankets.
Or just let them look pretty in adorable outfits.

8. Diaper Time Gift Set

Diaper Time Gift Set-Gift Basket Ideas
Source: womansday.com

Get it in a small pouch. Or gift a whole diaper bag. Line it with diapers at the bottom and place the lotions and wipes on top. Decorate with a few toys and presents.

9. Mommy’s Me-Time Gift Basket

Mommy’s Me-Time Gift Basket-Gift Basket Ideas
Source: today.com

Celebrate the new bond. Use clothes, cuddle toys, or blankies that celebrate the bond. Or just get a pair of onesies for the mother and infant.

10. Mommy and Me Gift Hamper

Mommy and Me Gift Hamper-Gift Basket Ideas
Source: countryliving.com

Or give them an album or frame to celebrate the moments.

11. Cuddle Buddy Gift Set

Cuddle Buddy Gift Set-Gift Basket Ideas
Source: basketsgalore.ie

Infants love cuddles. It’s better if these cuddles are coming from parents, siblings, and family. But when alone, they can use your cuddle toys as well.

12. Hello World Gift Basket

Hello World Gift Basket-Gift Basket Ideas
Source: pinterest.com

Pack your gender-neutral gift basket with cuddle toys, onesies, blankets, and rattlers.

13. Baby Bunny Gift Box

Baby Bunny Gift Box-Gift Basket Ideas
Source: triconuts.com

Want to be a little more thoughtful when choosing the gift. Make it exceptionally useful. Collect the essential information that parents will need in the first few months of an infant’s life and add a pinch of your emotions to this addition.

Complete the gift with a change of clothes for the little one.

15. Cupcake Onesies

Cupcake Onesies-Gift Basket Ideas
Source: Freepik.com

This creative idea wants you to focus on clothes as a baby shower gift. Fold the onesies so they look like colorful, giant onesies.

16. Graduation Day Gift Baskets

Graduation Day Gift Baskets-Gift Basket Ideas
Source: youtube.com

This achievement demands celebration. Be with them so they know you share their happiness.

Coincidentally, graduation is synonymous with transition. And you can help the fresh graduates with essentials.

17. School Supplies Gift Basket

School Supplies Gift Basket-Gift Basket Ideas
Source: campclem.com

If they are graduating to a new class, this is the only gift that can make them and their parents happy at the same time. Include notebooks, pencil boxes, markers, pens, and other essentials.

18. School Emergency Kit

School Emergency Kit-Gift Basket Ideas
Source: Freepik.com

Paint a wooden or metal box in red and white colors. Add the first aid supplies and present to the kid. They will especially love your idea if they are heading to a college hostel.

19. Graduation Survival Kit

Graduation Survival Kit-Gift Basket Ideas
Source: pinterest.com

They aren’t going to live in a jungle. I know. But life after graduation is tough. And they rarely listen to your advice.

Why not let them learn from the gurus?

Among books, don’t miss Graduate Survival Guide from Dave Ramsey.

20. Get Ready to Cook

Get Ready to Cook-Gift Basket Ideas
Source: freepik.com

Does the recipient love cooking? Surprise them with cooking essentials. In the basket, you can include raw ingredients from their favorite recipe. Or you can choose to collect cooking utensils for their next trip to the kitchen.

21. Food Essentials Kit

Food Essentials Kit-Gift Basket Ideas
Source: twitter.com

And if they don’t like a lot of cooking but have a cordial relationship with food, get them some instant foods.

These can be their comfort food when they are homesick. Or they can be their midnight snack.

22. The Change Jar

The Change Jar-Gift Basket Ideas
Source: etsy.com

What is the thing that can help graduates more than some change? Be thoughtful and present them with what they want the most.

23. College Survival Kit

College Survival Kit-Gift Basket Ideas
Source: hip2save.com

Give them daily essentials including soaps, shampoo, toothpaste, detergents, laundry bags, coffee, snacks, and an eye mask.

24. Shower Caddy

Shower Caddy-Gift Basket Ideas
Source: arahdean.top

A portable shower caddy is a college dorm essential. Load it with the products they use. And include a funny note about hostel life.

25. A Witty Survival Kit

Witty Survival Kit-Gift Basket Ideas
Source: mamaneedsbox.com

What’s the best thing for a college student? If it isn’t a caffeine fix in the morning, it’s nothing.

Get a week’s – or a month’s – supply of this dose for them and let them thank you every morning.

26. Souvenir Stash

Souvenir Stash-Gift Basket Ideas
Source: frugalandthriving.com.au

Collect their memories from their school, their friends, and their sports clubs. Wrap in a rustic container and gift.

27. Wedding Gift Basket Ideas

Wedding Gift Basket Ideas-Gift Basket Ideas
Source: Freepik.com

We talked about graduation. But could there be a bigger transition in life than a wedding? Help them celebrate the new relationship. Or just celebrate the occasion.

28. Kitchen Mitten Gift Set

Kitchen Mitten Gift Set-Gift Basket Ideas
Source: pinterest.com

If you imagine them getting into practical life even before their wedding, present them with a mitten set. It’s a priceless gift for cooking lovers.

29. Wedding Spa Gift Basket

Wedding Spa Gift Basket-Gift Basket Ideas
Source: pinterest.com

Put together all spa-related things including towels, bath salts, shower sponge, scrubs, and washes.

30. Cleaning Bucket

Cleaning Bucket-Gift Basket Ideas
Source: Freepik.com

For those couples who are clean freaks, a basket full of house cleaning detergents, mops, and brushes will do.

31. Breakfast Basket

Breakfast Basket-Gift Basket Ideas
Source: dodoburd.com

Oh, but we can’t stop thinking about the life ahead and focus on a lovely night and morning afterward, can we?

32. Kitchen Survival Gift Basket

Kitchen Survival Gift Basket-Gift Basket Ideas
Source: decorateandmorewithtip.com

Even if the recipient doesn’t love cooking, he/she will love the essentials included in this kit. Pack it with kitchen towels, measuring cups and spoons, spice shakers, and a wooden plate.

33. Picnic Gift Basket

Picnic Gift Basket-Gift Basket Ideas
Source: theelegance.pk

Or prepare them for their first outing as a married couple. Pack a few snacks and instant recipes with disposable utensils.

34. Memorable Night Gift Basket

Memorable Night Gift Basket-Gift Basket Ideas
Source: pinterest.com

Get them a journal, a carefully curated CD with perfect songs, a congratulation card, and a pair of T-shirts customized with wedding slogans.

35. Candies and Chocolates

Candies and Chocolates-Gift Basket Ideas
Source: flowerstokorea.com

If this is your gift for them, know that no one can do better.

36. Nice and Naughty Gift Basket

Nice and Naughty Gift Basket-Gift Basket Ideas
Source: bp-guide.in

This will come from the maid of honor or the best man. It will include all things sexy. So, don’t miss out on lingerie for the bride, boxers for the groom, drinks and glasses, chocolate, and candles.

Other DIY Gift Basket Ideas

When you don’t need an occasion to shower your loved one with gifts, you can use this collection to get inspired.

37. Fun in the Sun Teacher Gift Basket from Skip to My Luo

Fun in the Sun Teacher Gift Basket from Skip to My Luo-Gift Basket Ideas
Source: pinterest.com

This gift basket is put together for teachers and offers them to take a break. But then, why can’t other caregivers take a break? Gift it to your mom, dad, or mentor.

38. Teacher Appreciation Gift Box by Driven by Decor

Teacher Appreciation Gift Box by Driven by Decor-Gift Basket Ideas
Source: hickoryfarms.com

May your teacher love roasting their marshmallows with this fun gift kit in a cooler.

39. Coffee Lovers’ Dream Gift

Coffee Lovers’ Dream Gift-Gift Basket Ideas
Source: pinterest.com

Collect different coffee packs, sugar, customized mugs, and a note on coffee.

40. Tea Lovers’ Favorite

Tea Lovers’ Favorite-Gift Basket Ideas
Source: basketsbecause.com

You shouldn’t forget tea lovers among your friends, should you? Collect different teas, sugar packs, and customized mugs for them too.

41. DIY Kit for DIY Enthusiast

DIY Kit for DIY Enthusiast
Source: Pinterest.com

If your friend loves DIYing, know more about their interests. Make it focused on the type of DIY they are most skilled at and gift them a tool kit.

42. Dinner Gift Basket

Dinner Gift Basket
Source: pinterest.com

Show your love with a homemade dinner. Make sure you tell the recipient what your gift is so they don’t prepare dinner.

43. Self-care Reminder

Self-care Reminder
Source: soreyfitness.com

For girls, there is always a go-to gift idea – any self-care product. But when your recipient is a guy, that’s where your care truly shows.

44. Gift Basket for Mom

Gift Basket for Mom
Source: pinterest.com

You could give your mom a foot massage. But when you are away, a carefully selected massage oil and massager set will work for her.

45. Kiddies Pool Gift Basket

Kiddies Pool Gift Basket
Source: pinterest.com

Are you thinking of gift snacks for your friend? Make it big in a kiddie pool. It’s also one of the unique and cool auction basket ideas out there.

46. Spa in a Jar

Spa in a Jar
Source: evermine.com

If you are short of gift baskets to present your gift in, use a large mason jar. Fill it with spa essentials and it’s done.

47. Chemo Care Gift Basket

Chemo Care Gift Basket
Source: hopecancercare.com

Show your support and love with this well-thought-out chemo care gift basket from Pink Fortitude.

48. Get Well Soon Gift Hamper

Get Well Soon Gift Hamper
Source: sentimentsexpress.com

You are missing them and you want to tell them this. Put together a gift hamper with juices, fruits, and a get well soon note.

49. Mason Jar Gift

Mason Jar Gift
Source: thecrazycraftlady.com

Pack your oversized mason jar with candies or some stationery items. I would look at the personality of the recipient to know what is appreciated most before presenting.

Make it colorful. Or just stick to a single color theme.
You can also choose to use mason jars to replace traditional raffle basket ideas.

50. Cookie Dough Gift Basket

Cookie Dough Gift Basket
Source: meaningfulhomeschooling.com

If you and your friend are befriended over your love for baking, you can whip some dough for them to bake later. Add a gift bow ribbon and you are all set.

51. Pasta Lovers’ Gift

Pasta Lovers’ Gift
Source: pinterest.com

It’s essentially a dinner gift basket that takes pasta as the main course. So, enjoy cooking.

52. Box of Sunshine

Box of Sunshine
source: tasteofhome.com

A self-care gift basket becomes even more attractive when it has all the products in yellow packaging. Select the best ‘yellow’ products.

53. Housewarming Gift Basket from Vicotria Elizabeth Barnes

Housewarming Gift Basket from Vicotria Elizabeth Barnes
Source: erikascreations.weebly.com

Help them with the transition by giving them the essentials of comfortable living. Plants and plant pots shouldn’t be missed. For all other things, head over to this post from Curbly.

54. Sports Themed Gift Hamper

Sports Themed Gift Hamper
Source: bellavinogiftbaskets.com

For your friend who loves sports, get a basket complete with sports fan gear.

55. Personalized Get Well Soon Gift Basket

Personalized Get Well Soon Gift Basket
Source: presentlosaltos.com

How deeply do you understand your friend? Do you know their favorite snacks? Add some get well soon goodies – like honey and porridge – and present them in the breakfast basket.

56. Baker’s Dream

Baker’s Dream
source: tidbits-cami.com

You don’t need a basket for this. Pack all the baking essentials you have collected in a baking bowl.

57. Another Baking Gift Basket

Another Baking Gift Basket
Source: thediymommy.com

Instead of collecting baking utensils, use baking ingredients to help your kid furnish the next month’s supply.

58. Manicure Gift Set

Manicure Gift Set
Source: wwd.com

Collect all pink products to make it look more adorable.

59. Elsa Easter

Elsa Easter
Source: giftbasketex.com

Is the recipient a little girl? Use this Frozen-themed gift basket as an Easter present from Sisters Suitcase Blog.

60. Or A Fall Gift Basket

Or A Fall Gift Basket
Source: Pinterest.com

This confession gift basket from The Dating Divas is all you need to appreciate his presence.

61. BBQ Gift Basket

BBQ Gift Basket
Source: grillsforever.com

For your party lover friend, this can be an inspiration for your next backyard party. Prepare a BBQ sauce, print a relevant quote, complete with a BBQ grill oil brush and you are good to go.

62. Ice Cream Sundae Gift Box

Ice Cream Sundae Gift Box
Source: pinterest.com

Live the gift of ice cream. Collect all ingredients of an ice cream sundae and ship!

63. Only Cosmetics

Only Cosmetics
Source: Freepik.com

Select the shade she wants most and tell her how much you appreciate her.

64. Bundt Cake Gift Basket

Bundt Cake Gift Basket
Source: kingarthurbaking.com

Is it another baking gift idea? Of course! Get a bundt cake bowl and gather all the baking essentials you need for this type of cake.

65. A Gift in a Tackle Box

A Gift in a Tackle Box
Source: letyourscribblesbe.blogspot.com

For a child who loves crafting, Mama Papa Bubba shares a cool gifting idea in a tackle box.

66. Family Tradition Gift Basket

Family Tradition Gift Basket
Source: ibtimes.com

More like a souvenir, these gift baskets collect all the memories from family gatherings in the past year. Not to mention, you get this gift box on Christmas decor Eve.

67. Spring Cleaning Gift Basket

Spring Cleaning Gift Basket
Source: maidsailors.com

Spring cleaning needs more intensity than regular home cleaning. So, you need extra ingredients. Include cleansers, brushes, gloves, and massage oil. Don’t forget self-care, will you?

68. Father’s Day Gift Basket

Father’s Day Gift Basket
Source: pinterest.com

Who says fathers don’t need self-care indulgence? Tell him that he matters with a basket full of grooming products.

Don’t limit yourself to a shaving kit, though. You can also include creams, facials, and shampoos.

69. Girl’s Night Gift Set

Girl’s Night Gift Set
Source: espebeauty.com

Add some fun and some booze to light up the mood. Add the perfect playlist to a CD that compliments their mood.

70. Empty Nest Gift Basket from Darling Doodles

Empty Nest Gift Basket from Darling Doodles
Source: darlingdoodlesdesign.com

You are ready to move out. How about giving some memories to your folks? Pack your favorite photos, your cuddle toy from childhood, and some remnants of happy times you spent with them in a basket.

71. Cuddle for Two Gift Hamper

Cuddle for Two Gift Hamper
Source: pinterest.com

If you are planning a quiet but amazing night with your significant other, start it with a gift basket. Include snacks, nightwear, drinks, and a sexy note. No one is stopping you from becoming naughtier.

72. Bridal Shower Gift in a Crockpot

Bridal Shower Gift in a Crockpot
Source: brides.com

Cooking utensils are an important component of a new home. And you can help your pal by gathering these within a crockpot.

73. Gardener’s Essential

Gardener’s Essential
Source: today.com

If your friend is a die-hard gardener, support their hobby with gardening tools. See them working to know what they lack before shopping. If you still give them a tool that they already had, know they can’t get enough of these tools.

74. Gift Idea for New Driver

Gift Idea for New Driver
Source: mommaontherocks.com

A roadside emergency kit could be the most functional gift you could get for your friend who has recently started driving. But you can also get them a customized keychain, phone mount, or a first aid kit.

75. Floral Gift for BFF

Floral Gift for BFF
Source: myflowertree.com

You don’t have to stick to bouquets to show your appreciation for your BFF. She will love you more if you include self-care products in your floral package.

76. Art Lovers’ Treasure

Art Lovers’ Treasure
Source: reachformontessori.com

What would they need to get inspired? They could get help from some plants in their room, beautiful memories in a photo or scent, and some coffee shots.

77. Neighbor’s Welcome

Neighbor’s Welcome
Source: chicaandjo.com

It’s another dinner in a basket gift idea but a welcome note. Or you can resort to gifting desserts to welcome them.

78. Use a Soft Cooler

Use a Soft Cooler
Source: pinterest.com

You may not have noticed, but a soft cooler is a cool basket to hold different gift items. And if your friend is a BBQ-lover, he will use the basket later on.

Take Away

These are some DIY gift basket ideas that can rescue you from confusion. If you are worried about how to make a gift basket, know that you don’t have to rely only on baskets or boxes to pack your gifts in. Instead, you’ve got buckets, baking bowls, coolers, and kiddie pools.

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