High-end Hollywood property developer Steve Hermann has completed The Glass Pavilion, designed inside and out for buyers that include A-list stars and entertainment executives. The house comes complete with a personal showroom with enough floor space to house a respectable car collection. “This house is my opus. It’s my greatest achievement of a 20-year career” – Steve Hermann.

Steve Hermann glass pavilion has five bedrooms, five-and-a-half bathrooms, a kitchen, a wine room and an art balcony. It has been learnt that Steve Hermann has an obsession for mid-century contemporary fixtures. Steve Herman also designed some of the home’s furniture.Kitchen with wine room attached, capable of holding several thousand bottles. A walnut covered art gallery large enough to prominently display 32 cars.
All of the large glass panels are Star Fire glass, an incredibly clear glass usually reserved for jewelery.

Steve Hermann at first intended to construct the home for himself. Steve Hermann says he changed his plan while his six years undertaking was on the move. Steve Hermann glass pavilion is now listed for $35 million, while the fixtures and equipments are open to discussion. Steve Hermann has very successfully pursued his career as a designer and architect in the Hollywood Hills in California and ahead.“Here I have complete privacy,” Mr. Hermann says while commenting on his glass pavilion “It allows you to be one with nature inside the house”, he adds. Meanwhile the area covered by the project is around three and a half acres. The space gave Steve Hermann the freedom of creating a home with glass walls.


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