65 Fun Graduation Party Ideas for High School & College 2023

Are you running short of graduation party ideas? We are here to help.

Now, you have graduated from high school. Or this could be the graduation party for graduating from your university. You have worked hard all these years.

So, it’s just natural for you to take some time to celebrate your achievement before you embark on the next phase of your life.

And this celebration should be as grand as the achievement it portrays. Here are some graduation party ideas that will make your party fun and memorable.

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1. Show Affiliation

Show Affiliation - Graduation Party Ideas
source: pinterest.com

You have spent years at your schools building knowledge and memories. The institute deserves prominent mention when you discuss your success. One way to acknowledge this contribution is by including your school in your graduation party by using its themes, colors, and mottos.

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2. Include your Team

Or Include Your Team - Graduation Party Ideas
source: maa2mom.com

Did you play a sport at school? Now is the best time to show off your talents. Display flags at the entrance. They also make a good choice for graduation centerpiece ideas. You can also use these logos at the balloons you use to decorate the party.

3. Present your Achievements

Present Your Achievements-Graduation Party Ideas
source: pinterest.com

You don’t have to showcase your achievements at the school – should I say university? But if you like that, there is no reason for us to stop you from sticking to those achievements.
You can use memorials from the achievements and display them individually as centerpieces at guest tables.

4. Display them at Dessert Table

Display Them at Dessert Table - Graduation Party Ideas
source: batikent.org

If not guest tables, these achievements – more precisely, their photos – should go on the dessert table. Or just add reminders using dessert flags.

5. The Cake Stand

Cake Stand on table-Graduation Party Ideas
Source: leahmariephotography.com

You don’t have to be extravagant to be stylish. A rustic cupcake stand proves this.

6. Diploma Snacks

Diploma Snacks-Graduation Party Ideas
Source: sheknows.com

You could roll your snacks like a diploma, did you know?

7. Store the Drinks Outside

Store the Drinks Outside
Source: brekx.com

Running out of storage space for drinks? Just keep them cool in metal bins with ice.

8. Organizing Cupcakes

Organizing Cupcakes - Graduation Party Ideas
source: foodnetworks.com

You could organize the cakes according to their colors. Or you could use their shapes to decide their placement. How about using these options; then, write the graduation year with different cupcakes making different figures in the year.

9. Choose a Color

Choose a Color -
source: pinterest.com

You can choose a combination of two colors and keep them as a theme. This color will go on the dessert table, the entrance, and the photo frame.

10. Get a Photo Booth

Get a Photo Booth-Graduation Party Ideas
Source: pixilated.com

Speaking of photos, you would want to create memories without losing the fun moments to direct photos. Rent a photo booth and let the party continue.

11. Use a Congratulation Banner

Use a Congratulation Banner - Graduation Party Ideas
source: vecteezy.com

Or use more. Let the word out. Those banners that tell the years will make cool souvenirs.

12. Yearbook Photo Display

Yearbook Photo Display - Graduation Party Ideas
source: pinterest.com

Thinking of commemorating your school year at your grad party? You can make use of your yearbook photo. In fact, get the photos of all your classmates or your team members and display them as you celebrate the people who helped you grow.

13. DIY the Entrance Sign

DIY the Entrance Sign - Graduation Party Ideas
source: pinterest.com

Use a bulletin board or a chalkboard to create a simple and personalized entrance sign for your party.

14. Add a Popcorn Machine

Add a Popcorn Machine-Graduation Party Ideas
source: reventals.com

Popcorn is the lightest snack on this earth. So, if you want some food for all the fun before the party begins, use popcorn. Let your guests serve themselves to add the leisurely effect.

15. Get S’mores

Or Get S’mores - Graduation Party Ideas
source: ourhumblehive.com

Invite fun to your grad party by adding s’mores to the menu. Let them prepare their treat for themselves by presenting a small campfire at the location.

16. Donuts Table for Sweet-loving Guests

Donuts Table for Sweet-loving Guests - Graduation Party Ideas
source: pinterest.com

They will love it!

17. Add Some Spice

Add Some Spice - Graduation Party Ideas
source: pinetrest.com

Every graduation party is sweet. Add some uniqueness by offering spicy foods. Tacos make the most common choice. Bring plenty of them.

18. and Plenty of Drinks

And Plenty of Drinks - Graduation Party Ideas
source: pinterest.com

No party is complete without drinks. Why not complete the occasion by bringing in a bartender, snacks, and drinks to suit the different tastes of guests.

19. Label the Snacks

Label the Snacks -
source: pinterest.com

Just for the fun of it, label the desserts to remember the jargons that you listened to most frequently in your academic career. And organize the dessert table accordingly.

20. Add Some Diploma Cookies

Or Add Some Diploma Cookies -
source: sharedessertcompany.com

Get the cookies cut out to present the achievement more aesthetically. Use the topping to indicate the occasion, year, and the host who is celebrating the occasion with his – her? – guests.

21. Graduation Cap Cookies

Or Graduation Cap Cookies -
source: bekicookscakesblog.blogspot.com

Because, why not!

22. Use Cupcakes

Use Cupcakes -
source: glorioustreats.com

Ditch cakes in favor of cupcakes that don’t need cutting and distribution. Decorate them with the party’s theme and add occasion-appropriate flags to them.

23. Cookie Bags

Cookie Bags
Source: sincerelymariedesigns.com

To make the choice easier for the guests, arrange the snacks in small cookie bags at the dessert table. Get different assortments to allow them some choice. Again, these bags can follow the theme.

24. Use Gift Bags

Use Gift Bags -
source: pinterest.com

You can DIY them. And if you are weary, note that these bags don’t have to be super costly. You can send your guests off with some desserts or souvenirs.

25. Use Badges

Use Badges
Source: todayonline.com

Your fellow graduates are also in celebration mode. Why not acknowledge their achievement at your party also. Use a dress code – or a badge – that is unique to all the fresh grads.

26. Include Your Parents

Include Your Parents -
source: cjamiesonlaw.com

Or mentors!

Use this opportunity to acknowledge their efforts. Use unique badges or gift bags for them.

27. Use Speech Bubbles

Use Speech Bubbles -
source: thepapercurator.com

Take it one step further and present each table with a chalkboard speech bubble. Ask guests to scribble their motto regarding the event.

Enjoy the funny slogans.

28. Use Flowers

Use Flowers
Source: thepioneerwoman.com

They are not exclusive to weddings. You can use them too. If you can, be liberal. You can create the whole event plan around flowers. But if you are doing that, stick to a few colors to showcase elegance and thoughtfulness.

29. Large Balloons

Large Balloons -
source: pinterest.com

These are the cheap, but equally appealing, ways to decorate your party.

30. Get the Balloons Wear Caps

Get the Balloons Wear Caps
Source: pinterest.com

Make these caps the focus of your party. Include them in every item!

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31. Just Date Them

Or Just Date Them -
source: pinterest.com

Use number balloons to tell the year of your graduation.

32. Include Games

Include Games -
source: freepik.com

Yes, this is your graduation party but this fact doesn’t force you to act old. Add fun with some light games at the party. Enlist them on a scavenger hunt with small mementos hidden around the party.

33. Pin the Tassel

Get your picture pasted on the pinning board. Remember to add a cap to it. And ask the guests to throw pins at it. The person who gets closest to the cap will be the winner.

34. Personality Quiz

Personality Quiz
Source: freepik.com

Ask your relatives to answer a few questions about you. See how much they understand you. If you want, divert the focus away from you by allowing them to ask questions about their interests from you. Check if you know them well or not.

35. Nicknames

Source: freepik.com

Ask your guests to give you a nickname according to what they perceive about your personality.

36. Create a Polaroid Guestbook

polaroid guestbook
Source: brides.com

Who said Polaroid guest books are only for weddings. Collect memories of your grand event by asking your guests to leave thoughtful messages in this book.

37. Hang Them in a Garland

Hang Them in a Garland
Source: rusticweddingchic.com

Collect these memories to create a decorative item for the party. The idea is perfect for a girl’s grad party.

38. Add Flags

Add Flags
Source: toptrendsguide.com

Give an event-themed vibe to your glasses. On top of paper straws, attach your school flags. You can also DIY this feat.

39. Add Lights

Add Lights
Source: houzz.com

Most grad parties continue till late night. As night falls, you don’t want your guests to feel bored with typical lighting. Add your personality and bring some color and style.
These lights make the best DIY outdoor party ideas for graduation.

40. Use Spring Lights

Spring Lights on trees
Source: bigtreesupply.com

Make it breezy and bright with hanging spring light on trees.

41. Throw a BBQ Party

Throw a BBQ Party
Source: freepik.com

BBQ parties can never be boring. If you want to be sure of the fun you will have at your grad party, gather your friends for a BBQ.

42. Personalize the Photo Frame

Personalize the Photo Frame
Source: toptrendsguide.com

You don’t want to spend lots of money on Polaroid films. Still, you wouldn’t let go of its look. The solution is a frame similar to the film. Get these photos signed later on.

43. Use Bright Future Candy Containers

Use Bright Future Candy Containers
Source: embellishinglifeeveryday.blogspot…

I admit these bulb-like containers are everywhere. That’s because they are fun and lovely. And they can add passion to any party they attend.

44. Ask for Advice

Ask for Advice

Now is the best time to do so. This is the time you are leaving the last phase of your life behind. Life will be a lot different now. But you can surpass this fear of the unknown with help from friends and mentors. Ask them to note pieces of advice in a journal.

45. Use a Chalkboard

Use a Chalkboard
Source: toptrendsguide.com

Or you can ask them to scribble these tips on the chalkboard you prepared specifically for this purpose.

46. Chalkboard Globe

Chalkboard Globe
Source: etsy.com

If a chalkboard is your kind of decoration, you would love to turn the model of the Earth into a chalkboard globe. Scribble your message on it. And place it at the graduation table.

47. A Journal

Or a Journal
Source: freepik.com

You can ask for advice by letting them write it in a notebook.

48. A Jar, and Wooden Tablets

A Jar, and Wooden Tablets-Graduation Party Ideas
Source: toptrendsguide.com

Anything that can preserve writing is the best medium to take these pieces of advice. If you want to be creative to collect keepsakes, these written pieces will make a great choice.

49. Proudly Present Your Motto

Proudly Present Your Motto-Graduation Party Ideas
Source: chron.com

Speaking of advice, you may want to remember the reasons that made your success possible. A graduation party is a great time to reflect on your educational journey.
Who was your most important companion in this journey?

Do you want to remember and acknowledge any counsel they have given you? How about sharing it with your guests through a banner? A poster or framed quote will do equally well.

50. Down the Memory Lane

Down the Memory Lane-Graduation Party Ideas
Source: toptrendsguide.com

If you are a parent throwing a grad party for your kid, decorating the entrance with pictures of his achievements from kindergarten to graduation will tell the whole story of your and your kid’s efforts.

51. Baby Photo Banner

Baby Photo Banner-Graduation Party Ideas
Source: aliexpress.com

Are you still looking for more fun graduation party ideas? A baby photo banner will create a fun vibe. Mix up baby photos of different attendants and let them guess who’s who.

52. Choose a Hashtag

Choose a Hashtag-Graduation Party Ideas
Source: toptrendsguide.com

Your grand achievement and the event related to it shouldn’t go unnoticed. Make it a trend among your friends and family using a unique hashtag. Include this hashtag on the entrance sign so the guests know how to use it.

53. The Memory Board

Memory Board-Graduation Party Ideas
Source: diybeautify.com

Another way to acknowledge the contribution of all your mates in your success is to create a memory board. Get the best pictures from past years or use those that tell a story and display these unsung memories on the memory board.

54. Chalkboard Photo Backdrop

Chalkboard Photo Backdrop-Graduation Party Ideas
Source: toptrendsguide.com

For a grad part, you never run out of graduation pictures ideas. If you are creative enough, a simple tool like a chalkboard can turn into a splendid backdrop to preserve your memories.

55. Time to Display Your Personality

Do you stick to some specific life rules? Use them to show off your virtues. Quotes can decorate any simple, yet fun, grad party.

56. Themed Centerpieces

Themed Centerpieces-Graduation Party Ideas
Source: toptrendsguide.com

Photos or school flags make the most meaningful and easy centerpieces for graduation parties. Or you can use flowers to keep the ambiance friendly.

57. DIY

You can also do some DIY magic to create the centerpieces. An example is to spray paint pineapples to decorate the tables.

58. Hint your Next Move

Where are you heading after graduation? Use your destination’s state or flag color to decorate the graduation table.

59. Graduation Themed Napkins

Graduation Themed Napkins-Graduation Party Ideas
Source: etsy.com

Top your refreshment off with graduation-themed napkins.

60. Use a Graduation Card Holder

Graduation Card Holder-Graduation Party Ideas
Source: etsy.com

So, you don’t lose the cards and money from guests in all the fun.

61. Graduation Signs

Graduation Signs-Graduation Party Ideas
Source: pinterest.com

It’s one thing to put up a sign at the entrance and it’s a different thing to just add these visual reminders on the yard. But it looks cool, no?

62. DIY a Wreath

. DIY a Wreath-Graduation Party Ideas
Source: toptrendsguide.com

Use a wreath for decorating a graduation table. You can DIY the wreath in a few minutes.

63. Display Photos on Trees

displaying Photos on Trees-Graduation Party Ideas
Source: marthastewart.com

You don’t have to be too choosy about the places where you would display your photos.

64. Use Balloons to Make a Garland

Balloons to Make a Garland-Graduation Party Ideas
Source: pinterest.com

Later, you can use it as a picture backdrop.

65. Use Paper Tassels

Paper-Tassels-Graduation Party Ideas
Source: hgtv.com

Graduation party decorations are easy. All you have to do is to prepare as many paper caps and tassels as you can. Be sure to include different colors. Then, hang them or place them at different places.

Take Away

What’s your idea of a perfect, fun grad party? How are you going to celebrate your achievement? Use some of the graduation party ideas from this post to make the party memorable.

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