Green Pest Control Service: Are They Actually Green and Do They Work?

Are green pest control service environmentally friendly? Some people might say yes, while others may argue that they are not as green as they seem.

The truth is, there are a lot of different ways to define “green” and what it means for a pest control service.

This blog post will explore the different aspects of green pest control and discuss whether or not these services work to control pest populations.

Green Pest control

Commercial Green Pest Control

In recent years, commercial pest control companies have been increasingly offering “green” or environmentally friendly services. But what does it mean to be a green pest control company?

There are a few different things that commercial pest control companies can do to be considered green:

  • Use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques
  • Use environmentally friendly products
  • Educate customers about green pest control practices

What Integrated Pest Management?

IPM is an approach to pest management that uses common-sense, sustainable techniques that combine biological, cultural, chemical, and physical tools to solve pest problems.

Ideally, “green” pest management aims to reduce the impact on the economy, overall health, and the environment.

Some of the most common IPM techniques include:

  • Monitor and Identify Pests – The first step in IPM is identifying the pest. This can be done by monitoring for signs of infestation, such as droppings, damage to property, or live insects. Identifying pests accurately will help technicians make the appropriate control decisions. These decisions consider action thresholds.
  • Action Thresholds – This is when pest management decisions need to be made. It’s different for every customer, depending on the tolerance level for pests. Seeing a pest does not automatically mean control is necessary.
  • Prevention – Once the pest has been identified, the next step is to take action to prevent further infestation. Generally, sealing cracks and crevices, repairing damaged screens, and removing food or water sources occur in this step.
  • Control – Once monitoring, identification, and the action threshold have been reached, various pest control methods are used. The type of method used will be based on the specific pest, effectiveness, and risk and the customer’s preference for chemical or physical controls.

Generally, when control is necessary, the least risky but effective approaches are used first.

These may include targeted control measures like pheromones to inhibit mating or mechanical control like trapping.

If further action is necessary, technicians will use additional pest control like targeted spraying of pesticides. Broad-spectrum spraying is the last resort.

Are Green Pest Control Products Effective?

Pest control product-Pest Control Service

Commercial pest control service that use green products do so because they are just as effective as traditional pesticides but with a reduced impact on the environment.

In addition, green pest control products can be chemical and physical (preventative) measures.

  • Chemical – Green pest control products considered chemical include things like botanical insecticides and microbial pesticides. Botanical insecticides are made from plants and can be just as effective as traditional pesticides but with a reduced impact on the environment.

Microbial pesticides are living organisms used to control pests. These are typically used in the form of bacteria, viruses, or fungi and are specific to the problem.

Sometimes, green pest exterminators may use an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) to target specific pests precisely.

IGRs are excellent and effective choices because they do not kill the target pest outright but instead prevent them from being able to reproduce.

In addition, the use of IGRs doesn’t hurt other organisms down the line. Boric acid is another excellent choice for those looking for an environmentally friendly option as it is a naturally occurring element found in the environment.

  • Physical – Green pest control products that are considered physical (preventative) include things like diatomaceous earth, glue boards, and mechanical traps.

Diatomaceous earth is a powder made from the fossilized remains of algae and is used to control pests by causing them to dehydrate and die.

Glue boards are traps that use a sticky substance to capture pests. Once the nuisance is stuck, it cannot escape and will eventually die.

Finally, mechanical traps work by luring the pest in with bait and then trapping them in a container they cannot escape.

What Are the Benefits Of Green Pest Control?

Green pest control often is not only more environmentally friendly but also very effective.

This is because many traditional pesticides can be harmful to human health and the environment.

In addition, green pest control products often target specific pests, which means a reduced risk of harming non-target organisms.

Other benefits include:

  • Safer for pets and children – Many green pest control products are safer for pets and children because they are made from natural ingredients or target the pest without harming other organisms.
  • Reduced risk of resistance – Because green pest control products are often more specific to the pest itself; there is a reduced risk of the pests developing resistance.
  • Less odor – Green pest control products often have little to no odor, which is an excellent benefit for those who are sensitive to smells.
Benefits Of Green Pest Control-Pest Control Service

What Are the Drawbacks Of Green Pest Control?

Despite the many benefits of green pest control methods, we should mention a few drawbacks.

  • Expensive – One of the main drawbacks is that green pest control products can be more costly than traditional pesticides. Generally, they are often not as widely available as standard methods and may require a special order.
  • Not Immediate – some green pest control products may not be as effective as traditional pesticides, depending on the specific product used. For example, diatomaceous earth works by causing the pest to dehydrate and die, which takes a few days.
  • Need Experts – green pest control often requires the help of experts to ensure it’s done correctly. This is because green pest control products are not as widely available and, as such, many people are not familiar with them.

Green Pest Control In Reno, Nevada

All in all, green pest control products are a great way to reduce your impact on the environment while still being effective at controlling pests.

If you’re interested in trying green pest control methods, contact a local Pest Control Service, such as Sprague Pest Solutions.

Sprague Pest Solutions is the clear choice when it comes to commercial pest control. They have over 95 years of experience providing green pest control solutions to businesses in Reno, Nevada, and the surrounding areas.

Their experts use the latest technology and products to ensure that their customers are protected from pests. Contact them to learn more about the available green sprague pest control solutions in your area.

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