HGTV Personality and Carpenter Carter Oosterhouse

Majority of the people who suffer from asthma and other related conditions have their homes to blame for these conditions. It is possible that any home or house have triggers which can cause asthma at any time. These triggers include pet dander, odors, and dust mites among many others.

To be at a position to improve your home and get rid of these allergens which may cause asthma and other health conditions, some people and  companies have introduces  strategies that can help ensure that the affected gets to know the  importance of maintaining homes which are free from these triggers. Those affected can also be helped to understand how the disease can be managed.


Carter Oosterhouse  from HGTV is one such personality who has dedicated his time and resources in ensuring that you get educated on how you can live a better live. HGTV personality and carpenter Carter Oosterhouse has joined effort with Habitat for humanity and   other organizations to   come up with low cost homes for those people who are affected and who have low income in Philadelphia and the entire Loa Angeles Area.

The project encourages homeowners to think of a good home improvement project. The dilemmas which are associated with home improvement project are handled better by Carter Oosterhouse due to his long time experience in carpentry. Carter uses the best renovation techniques which conserve not only the environment but also the energy.

HGTV Personality and Carpenter Carter Oosterhouse, Habitat for Humanity and the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America join Merck to Launch Build Smart, Breathe Easier

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