Himalayan Salt Lamps: How They Can Improve Your Living Space?

Himalayan salt lamps are all the rage these days. You probably have come across one or more in your local spa center, aesthetic clinic, yoga studio, home & décor magazine, or Instagram this month alone. In case you do not know what they are, Himalayan salt lamps are the new aesthetic interior décor staple. Made from unique pieces of natural Himalayan salt crystals, there is a hollow center where a light source is placed so that it emanates a calming pinkish warm glow when lit – making it a stunning light piece for any living space.

So, what is all the hype?

There is a reason (or rather a several) for their increasing popularity in recent years.

Benefits of Using Himalayan Salt Lamps

Apart from being a beautiful decorative home décor item, their popularity stems from the wide-ranging health benefits that they provide.Color Therapy Helps Relaxation

Color therapy is an age-old therapeutic healing technique that utilizes the visible spectrum of colors to cure diseases and alter moods.

To give an example, our body reacts to blue light from the sun in the daytime to regulate our waking and sleeping cycles. Natural blue light energizes us and keeps us in a good mood – which is why having glass windows that let in natural sunlight into a living or working space is ideal for productivity.

However, with many electronic devices, we tend to be continuously exposed to artificial blue light which keeps us awake when what we really need is to wind down.

In comparison, the warm pinkish wavelengths radiating from the Himalayan salt lamps help to balance that out. The soft hues help to relieve stress, improve relaxation and provide a calm environment for you to wind down at the end of the day for a good rest.

A perfect bedside table accessory for a good night’s sleep! Natural Negative Ion Generators

Research over the years have supported the benefits of exposure to negative ions in natural environments:

● Enhance the immune system
● Kill or inhibit the growth of bacteria, viruses and other harmful microbes
● Regulate mood – reducing symptoms of depression
● Reduce stress
● And more

This is why spending time in nature, especially where there is water (where negative ions are bountiful), helps you feel refreshed.

In contrast, our living spaces tend to have an abundance of positive ions (created by electronic devices) which create problems like allergies, stress and more.

Since Himalayan salt lamps are known to be natural negative ion generators, they can help neutralize the positive ions in our living spaces over time.

Great for living spaces with many electronics – Living room, computer room or game room.

Other Common Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps:Common Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

● Absorb excessive moisture from the air
● Clearing the air of allergens (like dust, mold, mildew)
● Deodorizing, and improving air quality
● Neutralizes electromagnetic radiation

The Perfect Interior Design StapleThe Perfect Interior Design Staple

Like any other interior design accessory, Himalayan salt lamps come in all shapes and sizes to blend with your home décor:

● Portable Mini USB Salt Lamps
● Natural Shape Salt Lamps
● Decorative Shaped Salt Lamps
● Salt Chunks in Mesh Basket Lamp
● Salt Lamp Night Light
● Salt Candle Holder

Also, they come with brightness dimmable controls to adjust the lighting depending on your needs.

Wondering if they come in any other color than pink to match your contemporary interior design? Yes, they do come in natural colors of grey and crystal white too – perfect for the muted color palette of modern interior design. When considering your health and maintaining a healthy environment, it is imperative to make use of DIY air purifier to get rid of toxins from the air inside your home.

Taking Care of Your Himalayan Salt Lamp Your Himalayan Salt Lamp

Now, on to caring and maintaining your salt lamp – nothing too complicated really. Just a few tips to help you get the best out of your lamp:

● Always keep the lamp on (if possible) – Your salt lamp is hygroscopic which means it absorbs moisture from the air. Keeping it turned on helps the moisture to evaporate and not clog up your lamp.
● Wipe clean with a light damp cloth – to clear away the dirt that accumulates on it
● Place it indoors
● Avoid spaces where it is overly humid or damp like the bathroom or kitchen as it could cause the lamp to “sweat”

Order a Genuine Himalayan Salt Lamp with Us – Limited Time Discount (Up to 20% Off)

Ready to decorate and improve your living space with a Himalayan salt lamp of your own? Make sure you get an authentic one instead of an imitation piece.

At Fab Glass and Mirror, our Himalayan salt lamps are made of 100% pure Himalayan crystal rock salt, sourced and hand-carved in Pakistan. We also put great emphasis on safety – making sure that only UL-approved safety guaranteed cord & plugs as well as a child safety base are used for your family’s safety.

Order yours online now – from the comfort of your home!

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