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As a homeowner, your task is not only to live on the property, but also to maintain it and keep it in great condition. Saying no to any kind of maintenance is only going to lead to problems. Imagine not cleaning your room for a few weeks. It would be a complete mess. And now imagine completely neglecting your entire home for a long time – structural problems, here we come!

While you probably won’t neglect your home for that long so as to turn it into a huge mess, we can’t deny the fact that some things are far easier to forget than others. Gutters, for example. I don’t know if it is forgetting or deliberate neglecting due to not wanting to deal with them, but the outcome is the same. They get clogged, you get frustrated, your home takes the damage.

Not exactly a great scenario, is it? And yet, you still wind up neglecting this structure on your property for one reason or another. When you do decide to pay them a bit more attention, you get stuck on one specific question. Is this something you should turn into a DIY project, or is gutter cleaning actually a job for professionals? There are certainly upsides to both things, but only one of them can be the winner, so to speak, and we are now going to check out which one.

Hiring A Gutter Cleaner vs DIY Gutter Cleaning

Hiring A Gutter Cleaner vs DIY Gutter Cleaning
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I mentioned that there are upsides to both of these things, so let’s start by telling you a bit about the actual upsides of doing this yourself. Cleaning the gutters yourself is good practice, because doing it over and over again means you’ll keep becoming better at it as the time passes. If that’s a skill you want to master, then you should definitely go for the DIY option.

Remember, though, that it takes much more than simply putting on your gloves and removing the leaves from the gutters. If you go to this website, for example, you could find out just how much work and effort it takes to do this alone. Yet, if you decide to do it alone, you could possibly save some money, and then there’s also the fact that you know your home best, meaning you’ll know precisely which parts to focus on more and which ones can be done more quickly.

Far more downsides than upsides to doing this alone, though. First of all, there’s the safety issue. You won’t be doing this from the ground, meaning you’ll have to climb the ladders, risking falls. Even if you have a pressure washer, you’ll still need to use the ladders first, so as to check for leaves and any kinds of debris that may be clogging the gutters, after which you’ll struggle using the pressure washer alone, risking getting the paint off and constantly worrying whether you’re doing it right.

The worst part is, you probably won’t be doing it right if you haven’t done it before. No matter how many useful tips you can find online, you simply can’t become an expert at this job on your first try. So, you’ll risk your safety, waste your time and your money for that matter, which I’ll explain next, and still not succeed in getting the gutters perfectly cleaned.

How come I’m saying you’ll waste money when I mentioned above you could save some if you did this alone? Well, you could save some money, but only if you already have all the necessary equipment. If you don’t, then you’ll waste it, buying ladders, gloves, rakes and other tools, as well as a pressure washer. Might not sound like a lot, but the costs will add up and you’ll eventually realize that hiring professionals would have cost you a lot less.

Not only would hiring professionals have cost you a lot less, but it would also have been the best solution. In fact, it is the best solution! Present tense. If you still haven’t decided if you want to engage in a DIY gutter cleaning project, or hire experts to do this for you, then I suggest you go for the latter option, because it is certainly the right thing to do. Why? Well, loads of benefits of doing that, so let me now tell you about those.

Professional Gutter Cleaner Benefits

Professional Gutter Cleaner Benefits
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The first, and the most logical benefit of professional gutter cleaning, lies in the fact that you’ll, well, get the gutters professionally cleaned. Meaning, you won’t wonder if the job is well done or not, because it most definitely will be. The experts you’ll hire will know how to clean gutters effectively, given that they’ve done it so many times before, which will lead to the perfect end results. And, you most definitely want the perfect end results!

How many hours do you think you would spend trying to clean the gutters alone? Let me tell you. Far too many! In fact, you could spread this out over days and days, reluctant to return back to the hard work once you’ve started it, but knowing that you have to finish at some point. Experts, on the other hand, will complete the work rather quickly, since they have not only the right equipment, but also the perfect skills – skills they’ve perfected over years.

So, not only will hiring professionals wind up costing less, since you won’t have to buy all the equipment yourself, but it will also be more effective, and the work will be completed much more quickly. What else could you ask for? Well, there is one more thing, i.e. one more benefit that is definitely of crucial importance.

Safety. Your own safety, the safety of your family, and the safety of your property. Hiring professionals that know what they are doing means not having to worry about anyone getting injured or about any parts of your property getting damaged during the gutter cleaning process. Thus, if looking for safe, quick, effective and cost-effective gutter cleaning, you should always go for the pros.


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