How To Perform A Home Exterior Cleaning

When homeowners take time to clean their homes, it’s usually the case that the interior is given more attention first, always putting the exterior down on the list of priorities. It isn’t surprising, as the interior demands the most cleaning time, given how it’s what the homeowners see frequently and where they spend time.

That being said, remember that the exterior is just as important. It takes in many harsh weather elements, hence all the wear and tear. The exterior is that part of your home that also strikes an impression on outsiders. After all, guests first see it before they can even appreciate your interior’s clean and organized.

Cleaning a home’s exterior can be an enormous task, so it helps to have tips and insights to help make it more doable. Like any other chore, the best way is to clean smarter and more efficiently, not harder and longer.

Consider today your lucky day as you’ll go through valuable insights from experts and homeowners who have mastered giving a property’s exterior the best cleaning yet.

Give The Windows A Good Clean

How To Perform A Home Exterior Cleaning

The more glass windows you have in your home, the more care and attention you’ll have to give them. To be a design facet in a property, glass windows must be spotless. Even the slightest hint of dirt and dust makes your home look less appealing.

Cleaning the windows is something you can do by yourself every so often. But, if the dirt starts to get difficult to deal with, despite regular cleaning, take that as a hint to call in professional cleaning companies, one of which is Window Cleaning People. Letting them do the window, glass, and exterior clean occasionally gives your home that brand-new look, given how they have both skills and proper equipment for a thorough clean.

Call In The Professionals

Now that we’re at it, there are professional cleaners who focus on exterior home cleaning. While generally, this is a chore you can do alone; some situations require calling in the experts. When you’re too busy to do a deep clean or your property is too big, you need extra hands to help.

Owning a pressure washer will be to your advantage, as this has a lot of functions when it comes to your exterior cleaning. However, if you don’t have one, you can always opt for professionals with all their tools and equipment to do it for you. Not only will your home’s exterior be immaculate, but they can also do it in the safest way possible, even going as far as those areas that are pretty difficult to reach.

To help you get started on your search, here’s a professional cleaning company you can hire. Visit their website for more information.

De-Junk The Gutters

The roof’s gutters can quickly become a depository of fallen leaves. The more trees you have in your yard, the more frequently you’ll have to de-junk your gutters. You can do this manually with a broom or with the help of a blower.

De-junking your gutters is very important for cleaning and preventing damage to your roof. When left as it is, the leaves can weigh down the gutters, which could weaken them in the long run.

Choose A Warm Day To Clean

There’s a good reason for such a thing as ‘spring cleaning.’ After a few months of cold and freezing weather, the sun’s out, and households can return to all the cleaning and organizing they’ve skipped when the weather was unpleasant. Sure, you wouldn’t want to freeze outdoors in an attempt to clean. When the weather’s warm and good, you’re likelier to stay long outside and finish all the exterior cleaning you must do.

Likewise, choosing a warm day to clean is also about your safety. For instance, if you’re cleaning on a windy day, overspray could happen, coming back to you as you clean.

Remove Faded And Dead Flowers And Leaves


Cleaning your home’s exterior isn’t just about the exterior parts of the house per se. Instead, it should include the garden and everything else in your yard, especially the plants.

Start by removing faded and dead flowers. Doing this does more than clean up the plants. The dead and faded flowers also suck up all the healthy plants’ energy, potentially harming their potential to grow more flowers and foliage.

Your garden and exterior will look significantly better when the plants are thriving and healthy.


Cleaning a home’s exterior means removing any moss, dirt, and debris that sticks and settles, damaging exterior walls, roofs, and in some situations, even your home’s foundation. For those reasons, it should be given the same level of attention as the interior.

Most importantly, a well-maintained house means you aren’t aging it prematurely. It preserves both your home’s look and value.

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