Home Furnishing Tips to Help Save Money

Home Furnishing Tips

We all feel the pinch from time to time, sometimes all the time, which can make things like decorating your home a little tricky. Once you’ve thrown in your utility bills this can seem like an even more impossible task. Luckily, there are a few ways of sprucing up your home that can actually save you money in the long run.

Wood Flooring


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The flooring you have in your home has a big impact on how well insulated your property is. Aside from insulating your home properly, the flooring you choose can help to increase that even further. Wood floors are an excellent choice if you’re wanting to slash down those energy bills. As a natural product, solid wood circulates heat perfectly which means you will need your heating on for less time. It is worth nothing that solid wood cannot be used with underfloor heating. If you do have this heating system, use an engineered wood instead. Engineered wood is made up of layers of plywood and topped with a real wood top layer. This makes these floors identical to the real thing and more often than not cost a little less too.



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Another way of cutting back on the heating bill is to invest in a rug. Rugs help to better insulate your floor by trapping the heat in the pile. The thicker the rug, the more heat it will retain. Shaggy rugs therefore are the best for keeping in the warmth. These rugs also add a beautiful amount of texture and character to a room as well as a soft, cushiony feeling underfoot. Not only are they great insulation, rugs also help to protect that lovely wood floor you’ve just installed.



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Of course, making sure you’re switching the lights off when you’re not in the room is the best way of saving on those electricity bills. But its also a good choice to invest in some LED bulbs too. These bulbs, although brighter than a normal bulb, actually use less electricity. Opting for these bulbs in your home, coupled with the control over usage, can help to keep those pennies in pocket over time.

Smaller Alterations

Some of the before mentioned methods can be a little costly upfront. While they will more than pay themselves back in money you’d save, you might be looking for smaller changes. If you’ve got single glazed windows, using some cellphone wrap on your windows will help to act as a double glazing. This stops heat from escaping from draughts. Similarly, keeping your curtains closed at night will act in a similar way.

Oftentimes we don’t consider how the furnishings in our home are impacting our utility bills. But with some clever home interiors tips and tricks, you can help to cut back those costly bills and put the money towards something far more useful.

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