5 Tips to Improve Your Home Interior Design

Interior design is the next consumer need, especially since the pandemic has bound us to our homes. People are starting to see the value of a well-appointed home that comforts and beckons them when the world is in turmoil. For interior designers, it’s an opportunity to improve more people’s lives with a flick of their magic wand. You can go from nothing to a top designer in no time. For homeowners, it’s a warning, reminding you that life is short. It can change anytime to tie you back to the property you purchased. It can take time to determine which theme, colours, lighting fixtures, furniture, and floor plan will best suit your scene. Get the flameless candles and enjoy its fantastic lighting experience. 

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living room ideas

Whether you have a small or large home, living room design dramatically impacts your overall decorating plans. When you plan the colour scheme, the living room is a living space where you entertain your guests as well as your loved ones. Hence, you can go with bold colours like bright yellow, red, orange, maroon, jewel tones of blue and green and any other colour scheme that excites you. You can also use wallpapers with bold patterns, festive designs or even elegant ones with a touch of style.

For furniture and other decorations, make sure they complement the wall colour. You can use gradient walls as well as fill spaces with monochrome colours. If you like minimalist home design, you can also choose neutral colours, in which case you need atmospheric ambient lighting.

Bedroom decorating ideas

The colour palette in your bedroom conveys more than calm and sleepiness. The purpose of this space calls for extraordinary design ideas. You have to have passion, energy and calm all at the same time. This is where you will sleep, wake up, and prepare for the day’s challenges. Consider stimulating and passionate colours like reds and pinks, but ensure you keep the room manageable. You can use it as a paint color, balancing the stain with neutral beige, white or gray tones. Pastel blue tones can also have a calming effect. The flameless candles will help to have a great decoration item in the home.

Bedding can be plain or patterned. You can install a rattan headboard to add a touch of natural colour or choose textiles to add to the elegance factor. Keep window treatments simple but dark to block light and keep sleep from being disturbed.

Toilet and bathroom ideas

The color scheme in your bedroom and bathroom can be subdued for minimalist homes, and you can use rich colours for Victorian, steampunk and BOHO designs. In a modern home, you can consider neutral colours with geometric patterns on the tiles. Make sure your cabinets and furniture match the colour of the walls and floor tiles.

You need a bright lamp near the mirror where you style your hair, so an LED ceiling light, mirror and brilliant sconces will suffice. For the rest of the room, especially near the bath or shower, consider dimmed lights that are less eye-catching and give you a relaxed feeling. Make sure you hang all lights at height around the toilet to avoid accidental electric shocks.

Decoration idea for home office

Working from home is usually where you get great ideas, meet clients and do all your important business. Therefore, colouring should inspire you. Consider colors like red, gold, yellow, maroon, and blue for paint colors, upholstery, window treatments, and artwork. Use natural brown and white woods for furniture and preferably all greenery for vibrancy. You can place a desk lamp on the table or LEDs around it so you don’t strain your eyes.

kitchen planning plans

Consider white and yellow for the walls, even if you choose tiles. If possible, use wood furniture and cabinets in a light colour palette and dark brown back panels. You can have coloured kits, but let them complement the overall color palette. Bright light is important in the kitchen where you prepare food. Consider ceiling lights over desks and cabinets. You can also install recessed lights. Hang a chandelier over the kitchen island for a dining ambiance and LED lighting..

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