Home Interior of Unusual Hotel Mandarin Oriental in Barcelona

Recently, the inauguration of the Unusual Hotel Mandarin Oriental in Barcelona took place recently. The entire hotel has been designed by the extremely gifted designer Patricia Urquiola, who has managed to create a masterpiece. He has designed a home interior, which very few people have actually seen.

This classy and stylish hotel is predominantly meant for the elite class and is situated on Passeig de Gracia, which is located at the center of the city of Barcelona. The property includes 98 guest rooms, several upscale restaurants, ? 1,000 square meters of spa, a rooftop terrace with the never ending pool. The bar of Unusual Hotel Mandarin Oriental in Barcelona also appears to be very exclusive and friendly, though designed in completely sexy and dramatic style, while the golden lights tend to add to the modishness.

The hotel décor reflects elegance, sophistication and comfort. Finest qualities of silk, velvet, wood and leather are used to enhance the beauty of the home interior. These high-priced materials are beautifully blended with objects having rich golden, green and black hues. The furniture and fittings used offers a classy and contemporary look.

Light colors are a symbol of cleanliness, hospitality and relaxation. Hues of gold symbolize luxury and richness. Unbelievable blending of materials stylistically transforms the mood. The Unusual Hotel Mandarin Oriental in Barcelona interior is an example of medieval thoughts entwined with the elegance and simplicity of modern Asian decorations.

Updated Home
Updated Home
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