3 Great Home Renovation Ideas To Use In Your Project

Renovating or remodeling one’s home is a huge task with many components but the journey as well as the final result can be mind-blowing and can significantly alter your day to day experience of living in the same property. While all renovations may not necessarily be an upgrade, here are some timeless, great home renovation ideas for you to choose from.

1. Make The Space More Functional


Space is a topic that every homeowner is interested in because one of the main reasons people move to a different home or become dissatisfied with their current property is if there isn’t enough space for their belongings.

If you can renovate your current home to be more functional then space can be utilized better making it easier to work from home or to carry out routine tasks. A good purge is always useful; items that do not serve you anymore can be sold online or through a garage sale.

Vertical shelving and space utilization can solve many problems including how to display delicate and fragile specialty items in a house with kids. Simply place them out of their reach! Floating shelves or other wall units can be installed for décor and storage.

Unused corners such as the space below the stairs or the attic can be repurposed for additional storage and the homeowner can purchase and install multi-use furniture pieces. Beds that are open to provide storage space, as well as slide out pantries, are just some examples of functional furniture that can enable you to keep what you have and retrieve it effortlessly.

2. Start With The Walls

Benefits Of Painting Your Building

The walls are simply the most abundant visual feature in your house but they can often be ignored especially if a house is more than 15 years old.

Start with booking a commercial roofing contractor in Chicago to assess if the roof leaks water into the walls (which is very common in older structures) and can lead to dampness and mold.

During painting, you can choose to create accent walls and even murals and wallpaper can provide an exciting touch to bedrooms or walk-in closets.

Wall décor such as hanging up photographs and art pieces that spark joy in you can also totally change the look and feel of a room, especially when paired with ambient lighting. Remote controlled lighting options that change color depending on your mood can have a positive effect when you are tired or unmotivated after a long day.

3. Plumbing & Tiling


The state of the plumbing is one of the major indicators of the age of a house. Engage a professional plumber to determine how well your pipes and drainage system are working. Retiling the bathrooms with the help of bathroom remodelers comes next because they can age poorly due to water, steam, mold, and continuous use.

Choosing simplistic, modern tiles or more fashionable varieties such as geometric or subway tiles can make your daily shower a spa experience.

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