How Can I Feel Secure In My New Home? The Essential Home Safety Tips

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Moving house is an exciting time, but since everything is so new, you’re probably feeling more vulnerable about yourself and your family’s safety. Home safety goes further than just making sure you’re locking your doors whenever you go out.

Since you’ll also want to make sure that you’re safe within your household, here are some essential home safety tips that you can put into action when you first move into your new house:

Light Up The Outdoor Area

If you’ve moved into a new neighbourhood, then there’s a strong chance that you’re not going to know much about the area. Break-ins and burglaries can happen no matter where you live, so you should make sure you’re taking every step to deter burglars from targeting your property.

Installing some motion sensor lights around the front and back of your property is a great way to keep your house safe, and not only will you be putting off burglars, but lights are also pretty handy for helping you see when you’re leaving home early in the morning or during the night.

Conduct An Electricity Safety Check

Electrical faults are a common cause of fires around the world, so if you want to be assured that all your appliances are working as they should be in your new house, then it’s a good idea to conduct an electricity safety check.

Businesses like Electrical Safety Certificate will send out a qualified electrician to conduct a detailed check on all your electrical installations. Undergoing the electrical testing and obtaining electrical test certificate at regular intervals ensures that all the possible potential risks are identified early, meaning that you can prevent both electrical fires and electric shocks. For more information, check out:

Test Your Smoke Alarm

On the topic of house fires, you should make sure that your smoke alarm is fully working- especially when you first move into your house, since you’ll probably have no idea when it was last checked.

Going forward, it’s best to check your smoke alarm once every two months to ensure that your family are safe. If a fire was to happen during the night, you want to make sure that you’re best protected when you’re sleeping.

Set Up A Security System

Home security systems can be incredibly reassuring if you’re worried about people breaking into your home, particularly if you live alone and you want that extra degree of safety. Doorbell cameras are a great place to start, since you’ll always have a clear view of who’s outside your home. You could also install window alarms to give you another layer of protection.

Protect Your Wi-Fi Network

When we think about home safety, we often forget about out Wi-Fi network. We use our phones for just about everything these days, and most of us will have our bank details saved onto at least one website or app. You should make sure you secure your wireless router to prevent people from gaining access to your personal details.

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