Effortless Home Storage Solutions: 4 Simple Space-Expanding Tips

Though surprising, every average household has over 300,000 items. This explains why you can’t organize your home or find enough storage space. Living in a cluttered home makes finding storage space for all your items difficult.

It can also cause stress and affect your mental health. However, this doesn’t mean you should spend heavily on closets and cabinets for your storage needs. Below are simple ways to increase your home’s storage space.

1. Buy Double-Duty Furniture

Buy Double-Duty Furniture
Source: Closet Envee

Double-duty furniture are furniture pieces that can be used for multiple purposes. Entertainment stands, sideboards, under-bed drawers, shelves, bookcases (Kasala has a great collection), and ottomans are perfect for increasing storage space.

For instance, entertainment stands don’t just hold your electronics and television sets. They are also perfect for storing media libraries, gaming systems, and satellite components.

Similarly, storage headboards are perfect for homeowners with small bedrooms. Storage ottomans are a workhorse in the living room that can hold extra linens and other items. They also provide an extra seating space for your guests.

2. Go Vertical

Go Vertical- Home Storage Solutions
Source: Homedit

Going vertical increases your storage space without taking up additional square footage in your home. You can create additional storage space by installing vertical shelves along the wall, behind the toilet, or at the sides of cabinets.

A perfect example of vertical storage mostly used at homes is the placement of holiday platters and potted plants on top of cabinets. You can increase the storage space by taking the garage and utility room shelving up to the ceiling.

3. Organize the Attic and Basement

Organize the Attic and Basement- Home Storage Solutions
Source: Interior Design Info

Unfortunately, some areas meant for storage in your home end up limiting your storage options. Such occurs when these spaces become a dumpsite for all your possessions, ranging from unused furniture to garden equipment and other miscellaneous items. You should organize the attic, basement, and sheds for better usability.

Organizing your storage spaces should begin with decluttering. While it may feel overwhelming, go through various items stored in these spaces and eliminate what you don’t need or no longer use.

You should then maximize these rooms’ storage potential. Add some shelves, bins, and other storage units to accommodate more and make them organized.

4. Add Storage Between the Studs

Add Storage Between the Studs- Home Storage Solutions
Source: Zephyr + Stone

You can also create extra storage spaces in between the studs in your home. For this, it is best to use interior walls as they won’t mess with your home’s insulation. Start by installing storage systems inside cabinets and closet doors.

For instance, you can have a customized storage shelf or shoe organizer inside the door to hold small, lightweight items.

Similarly, you can convert your bathroom mirror into a storage cabinet for toiletries, hair, and hygiene products.

Tucking the ironing board cabinet in the wall of your laundry room also ensures it remains compact until the next time you need it.


Getting adequate storage is always a problem, regardless of the size of your rooms. This becomes a major challenge if you are dealing with small spaces.

Fortunately, there are endless options for increasing storage space in your home. If building a separate storage shed isn’t an option, the above tips can help.

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