How to Stay Organize: Help Tips for Better Room and House Organization

house organization

It has been ages since home organization remains a predicament not only by housekeepers but generally to people who are sick and tired of Topsy turvy, filthy, messy and cluttered home.

House Organization

house organization

Imagine the used to be home-sweet-home house turned out to be a place where stress, frustration and a dazzle to dizzy place become your typical place to live in. The thought itself is nerve-cracking and annoying, isn’t it? The process of arranging and keeping things in order are considered chunks of our everyday routine of life and can be performed in all ways.

Oblivion on messy and cluttered home can be inevitable and would possibly become a ‘normal thing’ for you at home, worst is, you may not realize it. But hey, stop for a while and take a deep breath. How about consider to learn and implement brand new, DIY home organizing techniques that are smooth and easy.

You got a problem on where and how to begin, then,we’ve collate a brief and concise guide as HELPS for every facet of your home all the way.

So, here are the five HELPS that could make your home organization dilemmas put into rest:

HELP #1 Have T-I-M-E


We usually believe that organizing seemed to be a time-seeking and demanding task. “I don’t have the time to get organized my house, I have way too much to do to set aside time to organize my life.” Sounds familiar? We tend to think that we can’t spare time to organize even a specific area in our house since “I’m busy…”, “I have a hectic schedule…”, and “My schedule is full this week…” These are common lines we used to say when it comes to giving extra time in fixing and organizing the filthy, messy and cluttered home.

Actually, organizing tend to be time-seeking and demanding task, yes, but eventually, when you give little-by-little time in a day or in a week, perhaps, on a regular basis, taking out the time to organize can help you save a lot of precious time and would become your way of life (as means to be a routine).

Take your time; don’t go too wild or try to jump ahead. Never feel pressured to do it all at once. Here’s how:

A. You may begin by identifying the areas at home that is untidy, messy and has caused mood swings as soon as you see it.  It can be frustrating when you can’t achieve your allotted time of a certain task, but hey, just take it easy. No rush. Your home did not get messy and chaos in one whole day, and it will not be cleaned up in one whole day either. You used to live in a place where a topsy turvy, filthy, messy and cluttered home is almost a normal thing; then one whole day will be insufficient for you, believe me.

Take your time. Once you establish a habit, then it will be easier for you to add it to your daily routines.

B. Next, have a specific project that only takes short or small portion of the day like, arranging your shoe rack and maybe you would like to transfer the place where you originally placed it.

You don’t need to accomplish grand task in a short period of time. Try accomplishing just one minor goal can give you the motivation to keep going and eventually organize everything.

C. Your main concern is your hectic schedule and usually running out of time to get and stay organized.

Well, you may seek for help. Gather your family, your kids, your relatives or friends perhaps. You may have a duo system in doing the task to help you get started and finished the tasks.

For instance, in one weekend you may ask your kids to help out with the arrangement and sorting of their closet.

HELP #2 Save M-O-N-E-Y


How many of you have duplicate items in the kitchen, such as silverwares, containers and a lot more because it was not visible when the time you need it the most in a special occasion perhaps?

You even bought the same tools like screwdriver, even the knife because the once you usually used nowhere to be found in the most urgent time of need. Yes, we tend to forget things that already exist and later when you happen to see the same item in store, you buy one, since you don’t remember that you already have one.

Duplication of things leads to higher expenses and wastage of money. Home organization can also refer to fewer purchases of duplicate items by people in the household in a short note.

The most common sentiment we can hear, “It’s too hassle to get organized since the equipment/tools and even filing cabinets or filing rack needed is a bit expensive.” “…it would cost me way too much to organize everything again because…”

Worry no more because you can actually save money and afford to organize your home without spending chunks of money on lavish organizer, filing rack, even shelving is not anymore an option. In other words, there is a way to organize your home without emptying your pocket.

Here it is:

Clean your garage, yard, and any vast area where you can utilize in expanding your storage area. This can be a great way to get storage options to organize everything without extending your finances. You can ensure the organization and proper arrangement of your things through placing it at the proper area and order.

Items with sentimental value like, albums, plaques, trophies, photographs, etc. can be freely organized and displayed on such a way that it can be viewed in a convenient way.

HELP #3 To-do list Day Per Day



As being mentioned, since we do have hectic schedule in a day, in a week or even in a regular basis, we seemed to overlook the tasks necessary to organize the different facet of your house.

By essence, it is true that we tend to missed out with lame excuses thus result to forgetting the tasks to be done. There can be great possibilities of dislocating pertinent documents and papers in an unsystematic place. A to-do- list is vital to make these all possible to achieve with positive results.

First, in making a to-do list, you need to be clear with your short-term goal to achieve successfully your long-term goals; that is organizing your home-sweet-home house. Set and clarify the must-to-be done things in all areas at home: your garage or parking space, dining, kitchen, living room, bedroom, and your closet. You can keep track to your accomplished tasks through your systematic list.

Second, once you listed clear goals, you now then start listing your top priorities. You may begin from top to bottom; if you’re living in a two-story house, you may start from the bedroom.

In your bedroom, start with your closet which you may consider organizing by color, size or even according to its value and usage. In setting priorities, it is imperative to be keen and track down your accomplished tasks based on your list because incomplete and unfinished tasks can be very frustrating. It is more satisfying and fulfilling to see and trace your projects was achieved.

So, if these lines, “Where on earth have I placed my stuffs…?” were your usual script every time you need some stuff, well then, worry no more! That to-do-list is going to be a faithful and trustworthy friend that helps you remember and rank important tasks. Say good-bye to topsy turvy, filthy, messy and cluttered home.

HELP #4 Make It Accessible


Now it’s time to have free and easy access of everything so you will neither miss neither out nor forget where you place your stuffs.

In organizing, you should exactly know the place where your stuffs are located and being stored, so you must not to spend hours just looking into the things you need. You should be able to access all areas of your home, from north to south; east to west, all around.

Here are the benefits of the free and easy access of your stuffs:·

  • It can save time and energy·
  • It’s convenient & hassle-free to reach things especially in urgent cases·
  • It’s can give you the sense of relief 24/7·
  • It can transform the packing and moving procedures into very fast and easy

HELP #5 Keep It Up!

It’s a cloud-nine feeling to see that everything goes smoothly at home: “I can find the docs I needed for my work…”, “I swiftly arrange the stuff I used…”, “…no more nerve-racking, mood swings existed in my system…”

As I have saved time, money, be able to come up my to-do list and make it accessible, I can say my home is really my home-sweet-home. I consider my home to be inviting; you can feel comfort and satisfaction. Good-bye topsy turvy, filthy, messy and cluttered home, now, I am more driven to continue the routine I have established.

It’s great when you find a system that works for you. How about try compromising in your life by continually organizing areas not just at home but as well as affecting people around you. I mean if it is possible to organize your home then more likely you can organize your life, someone else’s life. How about that?

Consider a dry run of some brand new organizational ideas. You may find that changing your way of thinking and grouping allows you more freedom than you had before. Allow yourself to be you.

In a Nutshell

Organizing your entire home doesn’t have to be a nightmare. With the organization helps we’ve shared as guide and the resources included here, you, too, can have a home that looks as though it came straight from the pages of a magazine.

Ponder on these benefits, it will help you gain control over the mess once and for all and adopting such practice of organization of your home can make you feel better equipped to deal with life.